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Top 100 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School Students

Feb 13, 2022

Feb 13, 2022 | Topics

Every day, we are subjected to comparison. To make critical decisions, we resort to comparing things. You can get compare and contrast essay themes for high school students as a student. When you’re given a document like this, you shouldn’t be surprised.
Your essay will be much easier to write and you will be motivated to work on it if you choose an engaging topic.
Compare And Contrast Essay Definition
This form of academic writing is made up of several paragraphs that interpret how issues are discussed based on their similarities and distinctions.
If your topic is urban vs. rural living, you should concentrate on explaining the lifestyles of people who live in these areas. Production, political regime, basic problems, nature, transportation, and quality of life are some of the topics to consider.
When compared to other types of essays, this one can be challenging. It’s not only a recitation of your thoughts or a description of them. Rather, it necessitates extensive research into the topics you have decided to focus on.
You’ll need to put on your thinking cap for this type of analysis. If you’re stuck for ideas or don’t know what to write about, keep reading to uncover some interesting themes. Popular theme proposal examples can also be found.
Below are some high school comparison and contrast research essay themes.
1. Celebrating Christmastime in the United States and in Europe
2. Compare and contrast the youth mentors and adolescent mentors
3. Do you prefer traveling over lengthy distances in a motorcar or a train?
4. What literature is more enjoyable when reading? Poetry or story book?
5. Compare the benefits of customary education and distance learning
6. Compare and contrast Iron Man and Spiderman
7. What are the similarities of Sonic and Super Mario?
8. What do you prefer: staying indoors to engaging in outdoor sports?
9. Compare sporting during winter and during summer
10. Compare and contrast completing your assignment and spending time with your playmates
11. Compare and contrast government learning institutions and private ones
12. Should people live in official marriages or as common law marriages
13. What are the similarities of Christopher Columbus and early specimen
14. Compare a true regime to that of a school setting amongst students
15. Compare and contrast being the super power both by calm means and through a battle
16. Compare and contrast the soccer teams in the United States and in the United Kingdom
17. What are the similar and contrasting features of a hymn and a poem
18. Differentiate and compare imaginary and real life stories
19. What are the major differences and comparisons of the lions and the tigers
20. Compare and contrast candies and ice lollies
21. Compare and contrast summertime and wintertime
22. Differentiate recycling and reusing
23. Compare and contrast motorbikes and normal bikes
24. Compare and contrast Newton and Einstein
25. Compare and contrast stealing away for holidays and staying around home during holidays
26. Compare and contrast the American Idol and The voice
27. Compare and contrast real-time television and television serials
28. Compare and contrast Picard and Spock
29. Why do people prefer watching a movie to reading a book
30. How do newspapers compare to comic strips magazine
31. How does old fashion compare to trendy fashion
32. Compare and contrast the use of public means of transport and personal means.
33. Compare the use of electronic mails to the use of a written mail
34. Compare and contrast Hitler and Stalin
35. Compare and contrast Obama and Donald Trump
36. Compare and contrast Ryan and Donald Glover
37. Compare silver to gold
38. Compare and contrast the popularity of chocolate sweets and marmalade lollies
39. Compare the springtime and the autumn season
40. Differentiate love birds and buddies
41. Compare and contrast motorcars and motorbikes
42. Compare your character to that of your mother or father
43. Compare and contrast a medic and a tutor
44. Compare and contrast swimming and flying
45. Compare and contrast Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte
46. Compare and contrast the two major works by Oscar Wilde
47. Which story do people prefer: Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet?
48. Compare and contrast Tolkien and Joan Rolling
49. Compare the two personas in Harry Potter book
50. Compare and contrast paleolithic and new stone age
51. Write the similarities and differences between two public figures
52. What are the similarities and the differences of the US economic growth rate and that of China
53. Make a detailed comparison of two people who had great impact on the England success story
54. The pros and cons of people living on another world other than the Earth
55. Is the effect of whirlwind and cyclone the same?
56. Compare the use of energy from renewable sources and hydrocarbon based energy
57. Compare Saturn to Uranus as planets?
58. Compare the effect of using atomic power. Will it bring about a battle or calmness?
59. What are the benefits and disadvantages of using genetic engineering both in farming and health?
60. Compare and contrast the currently used prescribed drugs and the customary drugs
61. How does the psychological welfare of most US teens compare with their physical well-being
62. What are the similarities and differences between a bacterium and virus
63. What works best? Investing more time in your pals or in your relatives
64. How do studying at home compare to studying at school compare and contrast
65. How do education without exams compare with one with exams
66. Compare how you like Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities
67. Compare and contrast how teens are influenced by some famous characters to how they are influenced by their father or mother
68. Compare celebrity life and living as a hermit
69. Compare and contrast studies and interactions in the universities
70. Compare and contrast the household pictorial on social media and what exactly happens in reality
71. Compare and contrast your brothers and sisters to your buddies
72. Compare current civilized lifestyle and that of the paleolithic age

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