Top 100 College Persuasive Essay Topics

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Persuasive essays are typical academic projects in which students must use logic to show how one idea is more genuine than another. The essays are popular because they allow pupils to explain their thoughts using proof.
It is crucial to note that writing an engaging persuasive essay is rarely simple because you must first decide what to write about and then select the strongest points to support the main argument. You must also give a counter-argument.
Good College Persuasive Essay Topics For You
Make sure to hunt for excellent ideas and theme proposal samples from top sites to make the process of producing a superb assignment easier. The finest persuasive topics for college students are mentioned below:
1. Should we ban gambling in the world?
2. Cats and dogs: Which are the better pets?
3. Should children be paid by parents for doing some household jobs?
4. Do genetics determine human behavior?
5. Should we advise people with disabilities to avoid getting children?
6. Should soccer teams have both male and female players in every team?
7. Is it ethical for gay couples to be allowed to adopt kids?
8. Should every family be required to have a disaster plan?
9. Biological weapons: Are they ethical?
10. Should we remove the border between the US and Mexico?
11. Is there a possibility of remote learning substituting traditional classes
12. Product promotions targeting children ought to be prohibited
13. Are skills building sessions for grownups satisfactory?
14. Is it acceptable for a student to listen to music in the classroom?
15. Is it necessary for students to excuse themselves while going to the wc?
16. Do you think an increased number of scholarships to the less privileged groups is a good idea?
17. Would you say listening to music while studying at a study hall does not bear fruits?
18. Do professional exams really present fairness to all?
19. Do you think the school year can accommodate the entire syllabus?
20. Food manufacturers ought to display the content of calories in each package
21. Which grade is the most appropriate to start study hall with?
22. Name ways through which schools may be able to get additional funds?
23. State and justify the significance of supporting education in other nations?
24. What is the maximum number of languages that ought to be taught to a student?
25. What is the maximum number of languages that a common student can accommodate?
26. Name ways of making kids ready for school before they join?
27. What are the best punishments for students who are guilty of bullying others on the internet?
28. What are the advantages of accelerated learning?
29. Justify the importance of SAT scores if they are not useful in securing a college entrance?
30. Do you think education in prisons is effective?
31. Do you think education is too costly?
32. Do you think it is wise to include a handwriting course to the syllabus?
33. Is it reasonable to include compulsory life skill classes to the syllabus?
34. Do you think it is wise to take a one year break from school?
35. Do you think it is wise to compel the below average students to repeat the class?
36. Do you think it is reasonable to include gym grades on the GPA?
37. Do you think it is reasonable to provide financial support to all applicants from humble backgrounds to attend institutions of higher learning?
38. Do you think it is reasonable to close schools which do not pass the test scores?
39. Do you think it is important to include home economics to the mandatory courses in the syllabus?
40. Do you think it is necessary to keep track of the number of learning hours spent in the classroom?
41. Do you think it is useful for each student to learn an international language in the US?
42. Do you think the safety measures at schools are satisfactorily?
43. Would you say the syllabus is too bloated?
44. Would you say the adoption of current technologies at schools is satisfactorily?
45. Would you say the PARCH exam is essential?
46. Would you say the school self-service menu is good enough?
47. Do you think it is essential to pay keen attention to internal threats than external threats?
48. Sanitaria are not ideal for those with terminal illnesses?
49. Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning
50. Advantages and demerits of permitting students to operate their phones within the school
51. Causes why the feminists campaign belittled the order of motherhood
52. Improving high school system
53. Do you think animation ought to be learnt at schools?
54. Do you think college registering clerks ought to give a mandatory psychological exam to all applicants?
55. Do you think college circles and societies ought to be enlarged into high school?
56. Do you think product promotions ought to be permitted in schools?
57. Is it a good idea to make social welfare a mandatory program on the high school syllabus?
58. Is it a good idea to make computer science a mandatory subject?
59. Do you think it is a good idea to teach creation theory along with the evolution one?
60. Do you think everybody ought to at least have a college education?
61. Do you think high schools ought to oversee college entrance tests?
62. Do you think higher learning ought to be made accessible to everyone?
63. Do you think it ought to be against the law to expel students from school?
64. Do you think a higher number of students ought to be motivated to take Chinese as a foreign language?
65. Is it a good idea to exclude all students from the sports team other than those who score honors?
66. Is it a good idea to push private institutions to give their own scholarships?
67. Is it a good idea to limit field excursions to our country?
68. Is it a good idea for schools to responsible and to provide accommodation for their staffs?
69. Is it a good idea to include soda and sweets on schools dispensing machines and on the self-service menu?
70. Is it a good idea to continue operating public schools just for the taxpayer’s money?
71. Is it a good idea to permit students out of campus for the lunch break?
72. Is it a good idea to exempt students in sports teams from gym lessons?
73. Is it a good idea for colleges to mind their students getting jobs upon successful completion?
74. Do you think the Oxford comma ought not to be compulsory?
75. Is it a good idea to determine the funds offered to students’ by considering their financial situation and regarding the effort they put into their school work?
76. Is it a good idea to have a minimum and maximum age limits to work as a teacher?
77. Is it a good idea to reserve vacancies to the disadvantaged groups for consideration to college admission?
78. Is it a good idea to give room to other options of education?
79. Is it a good idea to scrap text books for electronic devices?
80. Advantages of learning at home
81. The existing tax system is unequitable
82. Advantages of learning Spanish in schools
83. Compare and contrast private and public schools
84. Methods of tackling and avoiding diverse types of violence in schools
85. Discuss what goes into affording a high school education for a single student
86. Compare a modern study hall to the past well known classroom
87. State reasons why a number of communities are denied appropriate education and the importance of fixing this?
88. State reasons why it is common for boys and girls to learn in the same classroom and justify why it works?
89. State what causes students to get inadequate financial assistance?
90. Justify why homework is essential
91. Justify the importance of issuing exams and re-certifying school staff on their roles routinely
92. Justify the importance of music education
93. Name the reasons why art classes ought to be taken in all public schools?
94. Name the reasons why students ought to be motivated to participate in foreign exchange programs?
95. Do you think it is a good idea for school starting time to be one or two hours past normal time in the morning?