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Top 100 Christianity Research Paper Topics

Feb 4, 2022

Feb 4, 2022 | Topics

Christianity is polytheistic religion practices and beliefs based on the Old Testament and Jesus’ teachings, as illustrated in the New Testament, focusing on Jesus as saviour. Throughout human history, religion has played an essential role in developing culture, society, and politics. With this in mind, students are likely to write analytical and research papers on religion, which is why you need Christian research paper topics. Because Christianity is such a multifaceted subject, students are likely to struggle with selecting a topic to write about. To save students time and effort, we have compiled a list of the best Christianity research paper topics below. All of the Christianity research paper topics listed below are simple enough for students to research, so use them confidently. You won’t need to do a lot of research to figure out what to write about these topics. All of the issues are naturally interesting and enlightening, so they will help you avoid boredom while writing
With the increasing demand for research papers on a host of topics related to Christianity, we have put together an exclusive list of topics to help new and budding researchers narrow down their choices. These topic ideas are intended to spark imagination and provide interesting material as one begins their geographical journey through the dusty halls of academia.
1. Examination of the Holy Trinity
2. Contemporary Christian Cults
3. Capital Punishment and the Bible
4. The Age of Imperialism and Christianity
5. Modern Day Issues from a Biblical Perspective
6. Complimentary or Oppositional: Faith and Science
7. Compassionate Capitalism: Christianity and Wealth
8. Depictions of Satan and God in Dante’s Divine Comedy
9. Created in the Image of Man: The Atheist Movement and God
10. Depictions of Major and Minor Prophets
11. Moses: An Unlikely Prophet
12. Family Unit and Gender Depictions in the Old Testament
13. A Comparative Analysis Of Christianity and Islam
14. A Biblical Examination Of Life After Death
15. The Place Of Mormonism In Christian Tradition
16. How Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales Deducted Church
17. African American Church and Public Health
18. The Catholic Church and Sexual Abuse Scandals
19. Original Sin: Applications of Psychological Principles In Christianity
20. Similarities and Differences in John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew’s Christ Narrative
21. The Contemporary Christian Tradition and Family Unit
22. The Ten Commandments
23. The Future of Christianity
24. The Templar Knights
25. The Reformation and Modern Christianity
26. The Gnostic Gospels
27. The Third Reich and Catholicism
28. The Church and Galileo
29. Contemporary Christian Reactions To Persecutions
30. The Role of Miracles in the Bible
31. Is The Prosperity Gospel An Erroneous Doctrine?
32. Applications of the Christian Tradition
33. Christian mode of worship
34. The behavioral pattern of a Christian
35. Examining what the bible says about the way the world will come to an end
36. Christian Thematic
37. Activism and the Church
38. An Examination Of The New Testament
39. Theocracy in North America
40. The Early Churches in North America
41. The primal religions
42. The phenomenon of trickster gods
43. Religions and laws in the modern world
44. World religions and science
45. The history of Christianity
46. Biblical Account Of Creation
47. What the bible says about the nature of God
48. The Obligations Of Christians
49. Attitudes Of Chrudy To Sex
50. How Christianity Can Help People Live Sinless Lives
51. Aids To The Growth of Christianity
52. Historical Foundations Of Christianity
53. The Primary Purpose Of Christianity
54. Examining the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ
55. A Christian Worldview
56. Moral Foundation Of Christianity
57. The Christian method of praying
58. The essence of Christianity
59. The significance of the fellowship of early Christians with Jesus
60. A Christian view of reincarnation
61. The Impacts That The Early Christian Apostles Had On The World
62. The Impacts Of Christianity On The Roman Empire
63. Apostasy and church growth
64. Basic Tenets Of Christianity
65. The Major Doctrines Of Christianity
66. A Christian View Of Life
67. Creeds Of Christianity
68. How Culture Cultures Influenced Judeo Christianity
69. Integration Of Psychology And Christianity
70. Approaches Of Psychology And Christianity
71. Why Christianity Is The Basis Of Human Existence
72. Moments Of Exploring Christianity
73. Beliefs Of Christianity
74. Source of Christianity
75. The Beliefs that Effect Christianity
76. The Principles of Christianity
77. How Christianity Impacted Upon Western Civilization
78. The Spread of Christianity
79. The Rise Of Christianity On Earth
80. What Christianity Is All About
81. How The Jews Contributed To The Propagation Of The Gospel
82. Why Jesus Christ Is Different From All The Prophets In The Bible
83. How Greek Culture Affected Christan Theology
84. The beliefs of the early Christians
85. Contribution of churches to the world
There are so many interesting topics to choose from for students when writing about Christianity and religion. You can explore the history of religions or discuss some of the different branches of Christianity and what they believe. Perhaps you will want to go over some of the different laws set in place by religious organizations, such as churches or synagogues. You can also explore how religious beliefs impact politics and how they could influence your community, state, country or even the world. Again, there are quite a few topics to explore when it comes to Christianity and these sample research paper topics below should help you get started on your paper.
The religion seems to be one of the oldest and most influential in history. Hence, Christianity research paper topics are immensely interesting.
It should be noted that research paper topics on Christianity is not only interesting to school students but even to professionals and adults. It definitely helps us understand the history of Christianity and may lead us to have a more open and positive attitude about it.
Many students have a misconception that writing about religion is boring. However, the truth of the matter is when you study about your own religion and the topic you choose to write about the paper can be a fascinating read. Also, students have to realize that finding an interesting topic for your research paper does not necessarily mean that you have to write about Jesus Christ or his teachings. You can write on Christianity as a whole and how people like Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King Jr. helped in shaping Christianity as we know it today.
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