Top 100 Cause And Effect Essay

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1. Qualities of a good teacher/doctor/mother/artist
2. The effects of homeschooling
3. The causes of heart problems
4. What led to WWII?
5. The effects of online dating
6. The influence of Uber on taxi drivers
7. Effects of happy relationships in a person’s life.
8. Traveling the world: How it affects life and personality
9. Dating as a young person
10. Reasons why some women repeatedly go into destructive relationships
11. Earthquake and its potential dangers
12. How social media affect young people
13. Growing up in poverty
14. Effect of stress on health
15. How drug use impact the human body
16. How your favorite movie/book influences you
17. How war in Syria affects the US
18. How smoking affects a pregnant woman
19. The causes and effects of lies
20. What causes divorces?
21. Poor sanitation in our society
22. The roles of mobile devices in the development of business entities
23. The agreement between violent video games and behavior How severe birth control affects society
24. What causes obesity among US teens?
25. Is it proper to force students of different genders to study separately?
26. The reason why a lot of students think homework is useless
27. Reasons why the majority of the US students conclude that history is the most boring subject in the curriculum
28. The pros and cons of wearing school uniform
29. How labels like “talented,” “gifted” or “successful,” affect students
30. The nature of the ongoing racism/discrimination in schools
31. The role of sexism in modern society
32. Ways to gain or lose popularity in college
33. What effects do charter schools have on the educational system?
34. Pretty little liars: Do they have a significant impact on modern students?
35. Outcomes of wrong photograph upload to personal Instagram
36. Why is “Harry Potter” replacing “Lord of the rings” and what are the effects of this replacement?
37. Watch all your favorite matches online
38. How to enjoy the benefits of improved internet connection( 2G vs 4G) Will you become automatically famous when you have many friends on Facebook?
39. How you can ease of having a low phone’s battery when you are outside
40. Reasons why people use Google more Yahoo and other search engines
41. Why do potential buyers spend so much money on shopping? How to make a mobile app become popular in just one week
42. What happens if you fail to rest in summer?
43. Democracy or dictatorship: Which one leads to better decision making? What differentiates college from the university?
44. Differences between the culture of the United Kingdom and the United States
45. The roles of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome in history
46. How Renaissance and Baroque is reflecting on the modern architect
47. Low morale is the cause of homelessness
48. Lack of education causes racism and discrimination
49. The general acceptance of fast food is responsible for the growth in obesity rates in the US
50. People avoid vaccinations because of the fear of likely side effects
51. Lack of moral support causes bulimia and anorexia
52. Positive changes in life such as marriage can induce stress
53. Lung diseases like chronic bronchitis and asthma can be aggravated by ozone in the air High blood pressure increases the likelihood of heart attack
54. Your memory and cognitive ability will improve if you learn Chinese
55. You’ll lose confidence if you copy somebody’s homework
56. Your choice of college will influence your skills and traits
57. Reality shows influence the behaviors of their audiences
58. Skinny models are responsible for major anorexia and bulimia incidences
59. Excessive usage of social media can make students sad
60. Hormonal changes can cause mood swings
61. Fiction novels help readers develop empathy A sense of humor promotes personal relations
62. An unhealthy diet has impacts on career opportunities
63. The advancement in technology changed how people interact
64. Exercises assist human bodies to produce hormones that benefit the immune system and health
65. Team activities such as sports, assist children in developing excellent communication skills and have high confidence
66. Exercise enhances brainpower, productivity and memory
67. Children that engage in sports enjoy stronger peer relationships
68. Having a pet can promote wellness and good mood
69. Junk food deteriorates the health of children
70. Poor room sanitation makes a room less cozy and comfortable
71. The label of “indigo kid” ruins students’ life
72. Problems like ADHD and dyslexia remarkably destroy the quality of received education
73. Internal and external factors that make study boring to students
74. Technologies reduce the quality of learning. You can argue that modern devices distract students from their studies.