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Top 100 Biology Essay Topics for Students

Aug 30, 2021 | 0 comments

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Aug 30, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

Biologists have discovered countless ways to study living organisms. For example, biologists might extract DNA from a fruit fly and examine it under an electron microscope for defects in the structure of its molecules that may lead to cancerous cells.
However, the field is so complex that finding appropriate topics can be difficult. The use of citations and references. Can increase the power of your paper.
Remember to include sufficient and credible sources for your essay so that it will have depth, just like this list we’ve put together!
You won’t regret selecting anyone our topics because they’re backed by hundreds of resources from online or print media alike.
What’s your favorite kind of animal?
Do you know why some plants can grow in dry, arid conditions like deserts or the tundra where other plant life cannot survive?
Are you interested in the different kinds of health risks humans face today and what we can do about them? These some of the topics maybe just for you.

  1. Examine the ethics behind the cloning of living organisms, especially human beings
  2. Does ebola pose a threat with regards to biological terrorism?
  3. Are visited, and bacteria are considered part of the wide spectrum of living organisms.
  4. To what degree do miscarriages influence the likelihood of conceiving
  5. What is the division of the nucleus? Explain the biological process behind it
  6. Is genetics to blame for the rise in allergies and respiratory problems such as asthma
  7. Man’s best friend; The biological relationship influencing dogs and humans
  8. The biological processes behind DNA cloning
  9. Is love a biological or a chemical process? Examine the process of ‘falling in love.’
  10. Should we use alternatives methods when dissecting animals
  11. Is immortality an explainable concept? Examine living organisms that do not perish as a result of natural causes
  12. The link between biodiversity and wildlife preservation
  13. Should we stop vaccinating because it causes autism?
  14. The search for immortality; is it possible to reverse the effects of aging on human cells?
  15. An examination of the RNA cells in humans and other mammals
  16. To what degree does the pollution of the environment influence the generation of cancer cells?
  17. Prepare an argumentative essay backing the use of animals instead of humans for research purposes.
  18. Cancer; an evaluation of the biology involved in this disease
  19. An examination of the application of various biological findings in our world today
  20. What role does exercise play in the development of resistance in insulin levels
  21. The influence of marine life on the environment.
  22. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate; A case for the vaccination of children to prevent diseases.
  23. Posture and the spine; a case study investigating load management and walking
  24. Explain the process of selecting sperms after ejaculation
  25. A review of the sustainability of the food industry on the ecosystem
  26. A case study investigating the effects of temperature and alcohol on the skin
  27. Requirements when applying for a program; the  master of science
  28. The effect of blood tests on-court paternity cases
  29. The bio-medical importance of cell stemming
  30. Examination of the violence and gaming on the brain
  31. The study of bones and its application to modern science
  32. Prepare an essay detailing the key skills any biology student should possess.
  33. Personal Reflection; the relationship between religious beliefs and the consumption of food in different ethnicities and cultures
  34. Is altering the human DNA key to unlocking health and long life?
  35. Is Coronavirus a tool of biological warfare? Examine the causes of this virus with relation to biology
  36. A brief examination of a squid’s structure
  37. What is cell stemming? Can this process be the answer to health and long life?
  38. Are there diseases that deserve special attention compared to others? Examine these diseases and relate them to biology
  39. DNA altering; The key to winning the fight against viruses and pathogens
  40. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder: an in-depth evaluation of biological factors that make a person attractive to the other sex
  41. Is evolution a theory or reality? Examine the facts leading up to evolution and the need to develop as a race

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