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Top 100 Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

Dec 10, 2021 | 0 comments

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Dec 10, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

Argumentative essays are written compositions in which the author can elaborate on the details of a topic by using evidence and examples from literature, personal experiences, and history. Argumentative essays, also known as persuasive essays, present the author’s point of view on a topic and support and defend it.
When writing an argumentative essay, you must begin with a topic that sets the tone for the rest of the paper. The topic serves as the face of your essay’s contents, and as you may know, if the face is nonsense, readers will not read.
The topic draws the reader’s attention, so if it doesn’t align with their interests, you’re unlikely to receive a read.
You’re writing it because you want to make sure the message gets to the proper people. And I’m sure you don’t want to be in a scenario where your stuff isn’t read. You want to produce an argumentative essay that will be well-received by both the instructor and the audience.
As a result, make the title as intriguing and stunning as possible. We understand that choosing an exceptional arguing essay topic is difficult for most authors, which is why we’ve provided you with these free religion argumentative essay topics to help you get started.
1. Should the roles of the church being outlined in a state’s constitution?
2. Do priests really play their role well in helping humanity?
3. Does the church play its golden rule of promoting morality?
4. How do religious people view cloning? Do they consider it inhumane?
5. Can love and friendship coexist?
6. How do Christians perceive absorption, and it is right as per the law of nature?
7. Do terrorists undergo severe punishment once they are dead?
8. Is it right for people to change their religion whenever they want?
9. Does the belief in God strengthen and empower one spiritually and mentally?
10. Does modern society really fulfill the intended role of religion?
11. Are polygamous marriages a blessing in Islam?
12. Is atheism a big deal in modern society?
13. How do Christians view and judge same-sex marriages?
14. Does being affiliated to certain religions make you a fulfilled human being?
15. Should religions set rules from which religions one can marry?
16. Does Islam have more followers and power than Hinduism?
17. Should the modern church accept and officiate gay-marriage, and why?
18. Is the Bible the most potent tool in a Christian’s life?
19. Does the freedom to choose one’s preferred religion affect the society negatively or positively?
20. Is abortion a crime as per Hinduism and Islamic doctrines?
21. What effects do interfaith families have on the lives of the children?
22. An argumentative essay on religious tolerance in modern schools
23. Is praying in faith a safer alternative to conventional medicines to those suffering from incurable diseases?
24. Does religion really work in modern society?
25. Is religion the leading cause of most historically recorded social and political conflicts?
26. Should schools have religion as a curriculum a main subject?
Examples of persuasive essay topics about religion. Find ideas for your own argumentative essays and improve your writing skills.
Conclusion paragraph: With so many religions in the world, there are plenty of topics to choose from for your next argumentative essay. Whether you’re writing about Christianity or Buddhism, it can be tempting to write an easy-to-defend paper on a subject that doesn’t interest you all that much. The key is finding something within the religion that captures not just your own interests but also those of your readers. If this sounds like too big of a challenge and you don’t want to do any research yourself, we’re here for you! We have talented writers who specialize in every major faith and denomination out there – they’ll take care of everything so all you need to worry about is picking up your completed work when it

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