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Top 100 Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism

Nov 2, 2021 | 0 comments

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Nov 2, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

Racism is the view that differences in racial features make members of one race superior to other races. Racism exists practically everywhere in the world, and its consequences are already attracting international attention.
Students should get educated about the effects of racism on society in certain educational subjects. Students may be required to write persuasive essays on racism in these types of classes. Although many racism topics are appropriate for argumentative essays, students often struggle to discover them.
To meet our goal of assisting students with essay themes, we have compiled a list of the best racism argumentative essay topics below. Students should look over the subjects and choose the ones on which they can most effectively debate.
All of the following argumentative essay ideas on racism are simple enough for pupils to write. Students who use them for essays will have no trouble figuring out what to write about them. We have included some common racist attitudes that students might defend or oppose in their writings.

  1. Racism is worst than the deadliest disease
  2. The Latino Community Is Full Of Racists
  3. Parents should punish those children for every racist trait that they manifest
  4. Government can’t stop its citizen from being racists
  5. Racism is not a sin according to religious doctrines
  6. Some Disney Films Promote Racism
  7. Does racism has any positive impact on society
  8. Racism is not a crime
  9. African Americans deserve to dominate America
  10. There are no effective laws that discourage people from being racists
  11. The difference in skin color is not the primary cause of racism in the western world
  12. Racism can lead to WWIII
  13. Prejudice is a common thing in America
  14. Trump is not racist by calling African countries shithole countries
  15. Cultural diversity breeds racism
  16. Can the American government do anything to stop racism?
  17. The problems of racism can cause chaos around the world
  18. Native Americans are racists
  19. The trade war is a form of racism
  20. Every society needs some racists
  21. Bad childhood experience can make an individual become a racist
  22. It is racism to illustrate Indians as unhygienic and parochial in Western books
  23. Anti-racists movements are not doing any good in society
  24. There should be racism in the criminal justice system
  25. Racial discrimination is unfair
  26. A racist president rules a country better than an anti-racist president
  27. Racism is not a taboo
  28. White people and black people should have equal rights
  29. Dialogue can’t resolve the issue of racism
  30. The seed of racism is sown right from childhood
  31. Racism makes life worth living
  32. The effects of racism are worse than that of earthquake
  33. Racists tend to be kinder than non-racists
  34. Do religions promote racism?
  35. Schools should teach students to say no to racism
  36. Racial trait differences should be overlooked
  37. Racism does make us less humane
  38. Slavery is not a form of racism
  39. Racism is not against religious beliefs
  40. Will racism ever disappear?
  41. The treatment of unknown Muslims like terrorists in the US is not a form of racism.
  42. Racism can lead to another Holocaust
  43. Genocide is the biggest form of racism
  44. Humans can’t overcome racism
  45. Is Black Pride Racism?
  46. Racism is an inborn nature of humans
  47. Racism hinders the development of societies
  48. There are no health risks associated with racism
  49. Movements like Black Lives Matter cant stop racism in America
  50. Racism is universal
  51. Racism will always be a common thing in America
  52. African Americans are racists
  53. White people should enjoy human rights more than black people
  54. Racism is a natural thing
  55. Racism is in every heart
  56. Racism is a big threat to humanity
  57. Racism is common among children
  58. Racism is a crime
  59. The movie industry is promoting racism
  60. It is not a crime to be a racist
  61. Racism has nothing to do with self-esteem
  62. Is racism a form of mental illness?
  63. Racism is the worst type of discrimination
  64. Racism is the root of all evil
  65. All racists have psychological problems
  66. Racists tend to be more principled than non-racists
  67. Is Racism A Global Disease?
  68. There is a cure for racism.
  69. Racism should be a norm in the society
  70. Mexicans are racists
  71. Racism is not reality
  72. Cultural diversity breeds racism
  73. Health care disparity is not a form of racism

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