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259 Captivating Anthropology Research Topics

Aug 14, 2022 | 0 comments

Aug 14, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

The field of anthropology deals with many topics like the origin and evolution of humans, what makes us human, how cultures are different from one another, and so on. While there is a lot to learn about this fascinating field of study in college courses or research papers these days, it can be difficult for someone who wants an introduction as quickly as possible to find out just where they should start looking. Fortunately for those people seeking inspiration from anthropological studies without getting into too much detail, we have compiled 259 captivating anthropology research topics.

This blog article will list 259 anthropology research topics that are cool and captivating.

Anthropology is the study of human civilizations’ cultures and how these cultures have influenced development. It is the study of physiological and biological characteristics that includes Human development.

Ethnography, participant observation, ethnocentrism, and even cultural relativism are all part of the research. You may need anthropology topics for your study or upcoming college essay as a student. You could even require anthropology project ideas to come up with a paper topic.

These persuasive anthropology essay topics cover a wide range of subjects in the course, and you are free to utilize any of them.

Medical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

You may require anthropological issues seeing mankind through an ecological lens as part of anthropology that deals with human health, illnesses, and the functioning of public health organizations. Take into account the following:

  1. Evaluate government and non-governmental involvement in the aftermath of the Ebola virus outbreak in Europe.
  2. Assess the effectiveness of government and non-governmental action in the aftermath of the Ebola virus epidemic in Africa.
  3. Examine ethnobotany’s place in medical research.
  4. Examine how a nuclear calamity impacts humans using a natural disaster as a case study.
  5. Examine the reasons why social ostracism is connected to HIV/AIDS.
  6. Make an attempt to assess how sex workers in Central Europe help to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  7. If there are any, an analysis of the safety precautions for commercial sex workers.
  8. Examine the benefits and drawbacks of orthodox and unconventional medicine among Native Americans.
  9. Examine the medical risks of depression among populations in South Asia.
  10. Participate in a study on women’s sexuality and how culture influences sexual health.
  11. Attempt a medical moral viewpoint on euthanasia’s ethics and how it may be equated with suicide.
  12. Describe what transcultural nursing entails in detail.
  13. Examine the risks associated with periodontal disease therapy.
  14. Examine how nursing ethics become practical in a professional’s job.
  15. Examine how the government of South Africa was able to lower the number of people infected with HIV.
  16. What role do contraceptives play in HIV/AIDS prevention and spread?
  17. What does it mean to live a good life in order to escape the stigma of AIDS?
  18. As a tool of combating AIDS, express what sexual diversity means in America.
  19. Give an overview of how his environmental and political health might aid medical anthropology’s growth.
  20. Prepare a report on the state of cancer in Russia after the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
  21. Examine the health-related environmental disasters in two nations of your choosing.
  22. Examine the relationship between money and health, as well as three pioneering studies on the subject.
  23. An effort to explain big pharma and the problems that watchdogs and whistleblowers face.
  24. Compare and contrast the Ebola virus with HIV/AIDS in Africa.
  25. Since its discovery, how has the HIV/AIDS epidemic impacted the homosexual community?

Topics for Ethnographic Research

You probably know that ethnography is the study of a society’s daily life. These are some anthropological essay topics to think about for your next research or college essay. They are as follows:

  1. Participate in a qualitative ethnographic portrayal of modern feminism in the United States.
  2. Examine the importance of clinical science in rural community pharmaceutical science.
  3. Choose a minority group and undertake study on their mental health depending on the obstacles they face.
  4. Investigate why abortion is the primary option for sexually assaulted and domestically abused women.
  5. Examine the importance of ethnography and ethnographic research in psychology.
  6. Describe how instructors might use ethnographic results into classroom instruction.
  7. Examine the role of ethnography in software development.
  8. Examine how ethnography and related research may assist persons with learning difficulties.
  9. Examine how music and human relationships may help you develop your cognitive abilities.
  10. Make an ethnographic study on healthcare management and critical care nursing in the United States.
  11. An ethnographic study of resource management and how it impacts American physicians should be attempted.
  12. Attempt an ethnographic research on the accessibility of health care to the general populace.
  13. Examine how journalists handle stress and how it impacts their work.
  14. Examine the limits of public participation in acute healthcare.
  15. Examine an ethnographic study of a group of domestically abused victims and their reactions to the abuse.
  16. In community ethnographic research, assess the consequences of smart houses and privacy.
  17. Assess the state of spiritual recovery using pilgrimage treatment techniques.
  18. Examine the culture of ineffective educational leadership and how it harms society.
  19. Make an expository research on the function of psychologists in special education advancement.
  20. A study of the effects of ICT on human connections to see how it improves collaborative work practices.
  21. Begin a qualitative research project in Southeast Asia on diabetes studies.
  22. Assess intensive public healthcare using ethnographic data.
  23. An anthropological review of patient handover in European health care should be attempted.
  24. Take into account the difficulties that European nurses face in practicing interprofessional collaboration.
  25. Examine how cultures influence healthcare professions through a case study of an African and European countries.
  26. Examine how historic health beliefs and myths effect the development of modern civilization.
  27. Describe how ethnographic findings have increased the value of schooling.
  28. Examine the variables that aid cultural development in the face of Western civilisation, using India or China as a case study.
  29. Conduct research about the beliefs of Japanese students learning English.
  30. Examine the current situation of racist ideologies and how the African-American community has attempted to shift the narrative.

Topics for Anthropology Research Papers

For your next research paper, you may need anthropology subjects. Given that anthropology is mostly concerned with cultures and history, you may want anthropology topic ideas to help you focus your study. For interesting and intriguing research, explore the following topics:

  1. Compare and contrast the welcome motions used in American and Chinese cultures.
  2. Examine how traditional African civilizations greet one another.
  3. Make an attempt to compare greeting motions between Yoruba people in Nigeria and Brazilians of Yoruba heritage.
  4. Learn about the aging process and how it contributes to the dread of becoming old.
  5. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of eugenics in today’s environment.
  6. Examine how a person’s skin tone influences his social interactions with his surroundings: a case study from the United Kingdom
  7. Examine how smoking affects a smoker’s physical appearance.
  8. Examine the theory that human civilisation originated in Africa.
  9. Examine the claim that Homo habilis is not a creation of evolution.
  10. Examine how the ancient Egyptians maintained their dead.
  11. An analysis of kissing myths in the Western world and how they impact the cultural meaning of a kiss is attempted.
  12. Make an attempt to provide an overview of the changing attitudes on marriage throughout Asia.
  13. Consider the impact of the internet and western society on Japanese customs.
  14. Take into account the impact of Greek civilization on Italian languages and culture.
  15. Explain the similarities and differences between ancient Greek and Italian philosophy.
  16. Examine the Latin language and the evolution of other languages since its beginnings.
  17. Examine the Slavic ethnic groupings and the evolution of aborigines and present Slavophiles.
  18. Explain the importance of women in ancient Egypt.
  19. Make an attempt to chronicle the position of women in contemporary Egypt from the perspective of a bird’s eye view.
  20. Examine the notions of consumerism in the United States with minimalism in Scandinavia.
  21. Consider the use of animal and floral prints in native American culture’s life and art.
  22. Account for the use of animals and plants in native American cultures’ beautifying rituals.
  23. Make an attempt to provide a full account of how the Roman Catholic Church advanced the art of sculpture and building.
  24. Consider the Roman Catholic Church’s impact as the center of governance, religion, art, and social life.
  25. Recreate what migrants and immigration meant in America from the 17th to the 21st centuries.
  26. Defend the idea that English political culture is a blend of ancient and new influences.
  27. Make an attempt to criticize the monarchy in European politics as a threat to western democracy.
  28. Make an attempt to provide a critical overview of the Bollywood and Hollywood film industries, as well as the historical backdrop discussed in the goods.
  29. Examine how human society’s cultural constructs contribute to evolution.
  30. Consider the argument that language cannot exist without culture and vice versa, and elicit responses from at least five authors.
  31. Consider the evolution of rock music and its ties to any indigenous American tribes.
  32. Make an attempt to provide an overview of how social media interacts voters before and during elections.
  33. Examine the piercing notion in Western nations and India in Asia.
  34. Investigate the current psychology of teens and their parents when they travel.
  35. Try to criticize it as a kind of amusement or a coping method.

Cultural Anthropology Research Topics

By researching trends and identifying aspects from other civilizations, cultural anthropology research subjects provide solutions to human behavior. If you’re looking for interesting anthropology paper topics, explore the following for your graduate thesis topic:

  1. Investigate the social and cultural change in Africa that led to homosexuality.
  2. In every place, try to recreate the social and cultural revolution that led to today’s sexual views.
  3. Examine the Middle East’s social and cultural transformation that has driven feminism.
  4. Make an attempt to provide an outline of how feminism differs in the West and the Middle East.
  5. Criticize those who feel western feminism is attempting to control women’s cultural life in Arab nations.
  6. Consider doing a thorough examination of the philosophies of two cultures of your choosing.
  7. Attempt a thorough examination of the religious beliefs of two historic European communities.
  8. Examine the family and marriage structures in two African and Asian nations of your choosing.
  9. In original American nations and Africa, account for the notion of ancestors.
  10. Document the importance of cultural variation in anthropology’s study of human development.
  11. Understand what cultural baggage is and how to deal with the idea of cultural invasion.
  12. Investigate the origins, evolution, and public perception of homosexual and lesbian narratives in Africa.
  13. Examine how funeral customs are entwined with religion and myth.
  14. Examine how religious and cultural superstition influenced the formation of African worldviews.
  15. Consider how women’s roles have changed in Asian nations.
  16. Consider the differences in death ritual customs in any two Asian nations.
  17. In Northern Nigeria’s forced marriage tales, account for the basic role of culture and religion.
  18. Examine the role of storytelling in the promotion of indigenous cultures in the United States.
  19. Consider the importance of social media in first- and third-world cultures.
  20. Make an attempt at a forensic examination of the concepts of family, fraternity, and gangs.
  21. Examine the role of gangs and fraternities in the formation of contemporary England.
  22. Provide a thorough examination of the importance of political groups in a number of Middle Eastern nations.
  23. Make an effort to criticize the West’s meddling and modernization drive in emerging nations as an attempt to intrude on indigenous customs.
  24. Examine the differences in educational levels between an Islamic state in the Middle East and a liberal one in Asia.
  25. Investigate the role of music, dancing, and parties in today’s culture.
  26. Examine how rituals and festivals have shaped cultural identity, community growth, and intercultural relationships.
  27. In every African society, evaluate the idea of social standing.
  28. Investigate any native American tribe’s culture and how it has evolved through time.
  29. Examine the significance of literature in the development of human thought.
  30. Examine how people in three different civilizations in Europe, Africa, and Asia think about health and wellbeing.
  31. Investigate the migration process, barriers to migration, and how migration fosters cultural variety.
  32. Consider the function of literature in the dissemination of libertarian principles.
  33. In patriarchal cultures, make a case for feminism.
  34. Make an attempt at anthropology and art critique and differentiation.
  35. Examine the development of culture and its impact on tourism.

Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

The origins and evolution of humans, particularly hominins, are studied in this field. It investigates the behavior of fossils, genetics, and other important morphological issues. You can impress your professor with any of these persuasive anthropology essay ideas if you need them for your college or university degree:

  1. Learn about the socioeconomic and cultural history of Americans who use alcohol.
  2. Take into account the consequences of the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  3. Examine the consequences of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings on future generations.
  4. In 2011, account for the outcomes of radiation in the Fukushima Daiichi impacted population.
  5. Examine the biology of same-gender marriage in North America.
  6. In any civilization of your choosing, account for the genesis, dissemination, and transgenerational effect of any endemic.
  7. COVID-19 and the fight for survival in two or more Indian cities are critically examined.
  8. For starters, consider the physiological and psychological effects of cocaine usage in the United States.
  9. Marijuana’s advantages, downsides, and problems in North America
  10. Maladaptation: How it Affects Migrants in Your Favorite Country
  11. In every Middle Eastern nation, consider how domestic health care confronts traditional health habits.
  12. Examine the notion of vulnerability and risk in the context of public health.
  13. Examine the role of traditional institutions in the preservation of cultures.
  14. Investigate the link and comparisons between starvation, violence, and chronic illness in any civilization.
  15. Examine the elements that influence health-care transition, nutrition, and health-improvement in any European nation of your choosing.
  16. What impact do social ties have on dietary choices and human well-being?
  17. Take into account the past practices that have impacted modern-day medical procedures and legislation.
  18. Examine clinical relationships in any social organization that interests you.
  19. Make an attempt at a pluralistic overview of health practices in any culture.
  20. Examine the medical cultural revolution in any African nation of your choosing.
  21. Give an outline of how pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms influence medical practice today.
  22. Examine the role of medicine in pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial India, as well as how it serves as part of modernity.
  23. Examine how medicine and healthcare are becoming commercialized and commodified in today’s culture.
  24. In every developing nation, take into account the disparities in healthcare accessibility.
  25. Consider the difficulties that a developing country has in providing public access to healthcare services.

Topics in Anthropology That Are Interesting

There are interesting topics for undergraduate study in anthropology if you want to look at current research questions. You may try to rewrite any of the following anthropological subjects for your school essay or research:

  1. Afghanistan’s women and the culture of silence
  2. Egypt’s women and the culture of silence
  3. In the Arabic Muslim world, the impact of western feminism and the culture of silence
  4. Examine how environmental anthropology has influenced medicine.
  5. Make an attempt to conduct a critical analysis of the worldwide HIV/AIDS situation and how it affects the LGBTQ population.
  6. Investigate how current ideas affect native American communities.
  7. Consider the importance of folklore in the preservation and transmission of civilizations.
  8. Explore the culture of labeling in the modern world, whether tribal, savage, or barbarous.
  9. Examine contemporary man’s development and the progress of civilisation.
  10. Take into account various racial theories and cultural assimilation systems from throughout the globe.
  11. Give an overview of colonialism as it is represented in Franz Fanon’s literature.
  12. Examine the relationship between political science and cultural anthropology.
  13. Describe the psychology of genocide and how it affects human relationships.
  14. In Lord of the Flies, attempt an anthropological investigation of human behavior.
  15. Explain the nature of marriage in Islamic cultures.
  16. Describe the ethnic identity of aboriginal American tribes and any Asian nation you like.
  17. Compare and contrast the music of the United States with Asia.
  18. Describe the psychological ramifications of Barack Obama’s election as the first black president.
  19. Investigate the origins, factors that contribute to the development, and spread of biological aggression in combat.
  20. Give a critical description of South Africa’s hunter-gatherer society.
  21. In any nation of your choosing, provide an overview of fisherman and their understanding of society.
  22. Investigate how the internet aided westernization.
  23. Examine the impact of cross-cultural encounters in today’s environment.
  24. Examine the history and importance of the Halloween celebrations.
  25. Examine the variables that contribute to America’s bullying culture.
  26. Examine the African and European perspectives on aging.
  27. Any African and European country’s spiritual traditions should be expressed.
  28. Examine Catholicism’s theological principles and their impact on modern religion.
  29. Examine how religious affects sexuality.
  30. Examine modern sexuality’s rebellious conduct.
  31. Investigate the elements that lead to religious hostility.
  32. Discuss the reasons that contribute to cultural intolerance in today’s varied society.
  33. Examine the differences in culture between European and American cultures.
  34. Consider the impact of television reality programs on the social lives of any culture you choose.
  35. What role does TV reality have in portraying a society’s reality?

Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

This is a field of anthropology interested in the history, evolution, and distinguishing features of humans. The field impacts, most importantly, human behavior and anatomical transformations. You can consider these Topics for Anthropology Research Papers for your class or personal research study:

  1. In today’s culture, what are the benefits and drawbacks of eugenics?
  2. Why have there been so many distinct civilizations from man’s beginnings?
  3. Has the acceptance of Egypt as the origin of civilization been influenced by western conceptions of superiority?
  4. What are the current facts that back the previous homo habilis study and experiences?
  5. What effects does smoking have on a person’s physical appearance?
  6. What is the Egyptian belief in the preservation of the dead?
  7. Examine how the environment affects skin tone.
  8. Investigate the effects of aging in Asian nations and what it implies for them.
  9. Examine the physical idea of nursing moms readjusting newborn newborns.
  10. Examine five works of literature that deal with the phases of drowning and dying.

Ethnography Topics List

If you need topics regarding the scientific understanding of cultures, humans, their customs, and collective distinctive features, you need Topics for Ethnographic Research. You can consider the following:

  1. In the United States, is ethnicity a factor in homelessness?
  2. Investigate the variables that influence migration from Latin America to other regions of the globe.
  3. Examine the subject of African drug trafficking.
  4. Investigate the notion and cruelty of human trafficking in Africa.
  5. Examine the psychology of human trafficking victims and how it impacts their interpersonal interactions.
  6. Attempt to understand how patriarchal civilizations adapt to American liberalism.
  7. Examine the elements that fuel violence in South America’s drug trafficking.
  8. Examine the disparities in how black and white Americans are treated in the criminal justice system.
  9. Attempt to address the split of fraternities along ethnic lines.
  10. Discuss the style of life of Europe’s homeless people.
  11. Examine Europe’s internal policies and how they effect daily life.
  12. Examine how Poland’s migration policies effect migrants.
  13. Examine how veterans in the United States are assimilated into society.
  14. Criticize Poland’s policy and show concern about terrorism.
  15. Give an outline of Sharia law in the United Kingdom and its implications on culture.
  16. Examine the concept of African-European migration.
  17. Examine how unemployment has driven Nigerian culture’s migration to Saudi Arabia, as well as the possible impact of cultural diversity.
  18. Examine how Muslim parents exert control over their children’s decisions.
  19. Examine how Asian parents exert control over their children’s decisions.
  20. Examine how European parents influence their children’s decisions.
  21. With Islamic nations, discuss the benefits of western socialization.
  22. Analyze the politics of Arab nations.
  23. Explain the Arab Spring and its connection to human revolutions.
  24. In India, take into account the various ways of interacting with children.
  25. Investigate the relationship between terrorism and human trafficking.
  26. Investigate the success and failure rates of persons from various backgrounds.
  27. Examine the marital trends and developments in any culture you choose.
  28. Consider the impact of globalization on any group of people.
  29. Take into consideration the ideals of European nations.
  30. Examine the food patterns of homeless people in Europe.
  31. Consider how the street may be used for talent displays on occasion.
  32. Brazilians and Indians debate the definition of maturity.
  33. Examine any social structure and list its distinguishing characteristics.
  34. What does beauty mean in the conventional and modern senses?
  35. Examine the transgenderism culture in Arab nations.

Anthropology Research Topics on Current Issues

For your thesis, you could wish to think about simple anthropological subjects. You may focus your research on the following topics:

  1. Culture and oral traditions
  2. Human development
  3. Forensic anthropology is a branch of forensic science that deals with the study of
  4. Physical Anthropology is a discipline that deals with the study of
  5. Spiritual counseling
  6. Diversity of cultures
  7. Culture and linguistics
  8. Art, beauty, and perspective on the world
  9. Workplaces and work systems
  10. Economic and political systems
  11. The institutions of family, kinship, and marriage
  12. Inequality in society
  13. Technology in the present day
  14. Industrialization in the modern world
  15. Procedures for immigration
  16. Archaeology
  17. Gender research
  18. Decomposition
  19. embalmment techniques
  20. Excavation
  21. Primatology
  22. Skeletal system reconstruction
  23. Hominids
  24. Homo sapiens
  25. Excavation science.
  26. Anatomy of the Human
  27. Archaeological research interpretation
  28. Species that appeared first
  29. Tribalism and Westernization
  30. Culture comparison.

Ideas for anthropology research papers are not as easy to come by as you might think. Our list of 259 Captivating Anthropology Research Topics is a list of topics that will help you find your next great idea.

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