Top 100 Agriculture Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

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Agriculture persuasive speech is a type of speech in which the speaker attempts to persuade the audience to accept their perspective on agriculture. People’s views on agriculture vary greatly, and the only way for an individual to persuade others to agree with them is to give persuasive speeches.

However, it is essential to note that the type of topic you choose can significantly impact the audience’s response to your speech. When giving a persuasive speech, you must choose a topic that will pique your audience’s interest. We noticed that many people struggle to find exciting Agriculture Persuasive Speech Topics for their speeches, so we want to assist.

We’ll go over some exciting agriculture persuasive speech topics further down. Examine the topics and choose the one that best suits you. All of the agriculture persuasive speech ideas provided below will help you persuade your audience. The majority of the ideas below are well-known, so your audience will be familiar with what you’re saying.

Agriculture Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. All countries of the world should invest in agriculture
  2. All poultry farms should have electricity and water pumping systems
  3. Technology should be used for processing and producing food
  4. There should be a closer relationship between biotechnologist and farmers
  5. People should purchase sustainably harvested products and assist poor farmers
  6. Underdeveloped countries should be self-sufficient before they export their agricultural products to other countries
  7. Vivisection is wrong
  8. Farmers should be adequately compensated for the challenges they face on the farm
  9. Government should provide free fertilizers to farmers
  10. Engineers should focus on how to develop machinery that will make agricultural processes fast and easy
  11. Genetically Modified Foods Should not be abundant in markets
  12. Government Should Support Industries and Companies That Deals in the Processing of Agricultural Products
  13. Livestock owners should adopt systems that won’t destroy the native forest
  14. The United States should not cut its farm subsidies
  15. Farmers should not carry out practices that can cause harm to the environment
  16. Genetic Engineering in Agriculture: Why It Is Necessary
  17. Government should organize free programs to train its citizens on agricultural practices
  18. Farmers should make up for the expected standards after a great loss
  19. All the nations of the world should work together to solve the problem of global food waste
  20. Farmers should replace most of the pesticides they use with alternative biological methods of pest control
  21. All farmers should use biosensor for analyzing and accumulating data on agricultural products
  22. Agriculture is the only sector that contributes to the growth of every other sector
  23. Meats should not be imported from other countries
  24. India should not stop its farm subsidies
  25. Agricultural subsidies are relevant to both developed and underdeveloped countries
  26. There Should Be An Effective Technology for Analyzing Fertility of Grounds
  27. Agricultural Subsidies Should Be Available to Farmers in Both Rural And Urban Areas
  28. Famers Deserve to Enjoy Advanced Methods of Forest Farming in the 21st century
  29. Farmers should apply economic principles in all their practices
  30. Every family should cultivate a small garden
  31. People should support agricultural development of their country in one way or another
  32. The government should provide funds to farmers in rural areas
  33. Farmers should show appreciation for the financial support they get from the government
  34. All the countries of the world should work together to develop the agriculture sector and avoid famine
  35. People should stop purchasing imported agricultural products that their nations can also produce
  36. Consumers should value eco-labelled products of agriculture
  37. Farmers should switch to modern automated systems for farming
  38. Farmers should not pay interest on loans that they receive from the government
  39. Agriculture should serve as building blocks to both rural and urban areas
  40. Farmers should have some special privileges in society
  41. Unemployed people in underdeveloped countries should go into farming
  42. Illegal deforestation should attract a punishment
  43. The government should not put an end to agricultural subsidies
  44. Government of every county should encourage its citizens to invest in agriculture
  45. Agricultural subsidies should be a common thing in every part of the world
  46. Banks should readily give loans to farmers without collaterals
  47. Excessive use of fertilizers can lead to contamination of underground water

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