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Top 100 A Modest Proposal Essay Topics for Students

Sep 27, 2021 | 0 comments

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Sep 27, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

A Modest Proposal was a daring and controversial work of literature.
It combined ridiculous conclusions with compelling debate, creating the highest epitome of satire ever achieved in any other genre.
In addition, the book led to hot discussions on how and whether you should solve by creating more problems or damages.
You cannot deny that writing an essay on this proposal creates mixed emotions and reactions.
You’re not only addressing an issue that seems impossible but also trying to prove how it could work if implemented, a seemingly absurd idea.
To create the most thought-provoking modest proposal paper, you must be realistic, practical, and intelligent, which may seem like a tall order for such complicated issues as these.
If done well, though, there are many benefits, including touching all of those focal points readers will find interesting or motivating them enough to read more about your topic in-depth.

  1. Inhumanity and Selfishness in the Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  2. The most common literary devices used in Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal
  3. Killing and selling the Poor in Irish to Reduce Poverty in the Modest Proposal
  4. Are There Similarities Between Jonathan Swift’s Modest proposal and Martin Luther King’s letter from Birmingham Jail?
  5. Cruelty to Poor Irish Children in the Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  6. A Modest Proposal on Butchering Kids from Poor Parents and Sell them to Rich English Landlords
  7. Who was the target audience of the proposal?
  8. What Influence and Impact Did Jonathan Swift have in the Modest Proposal?
  9. Controversy in Jonathan Swift’s Model Proposal of 1729
  10. Reducing Poverty and Saving Poor Kids from Suffering via the Modest Proposal
  11. Social Injustice in the Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  12. Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift on how to Improve the Living Standards of Irish
  13. The 1729 Irish Political Conditions as Stated in the Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift\
  14. A Modest Proposal to Prevent Kids of the Poor from Becoming a Burden to their Parents
  15. Human Meat Selling and Buying in the Modest Proposal
  16. Irony and Sarcasm in the 1729 Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  17. The Impact of the Modest Proposal on Political and Societal Issues
  18. Depopulating Irish Through the Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  19. How Satirical is Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal?
  20. Modest Proposal on the Failure of the Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  21. Rhetorical Strategies Presence in Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal
  22. Was the Modest Proposal by Swift Implementable?
  23. Lowering Poverty Levels Using the Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  24. Who was to benefit from the modest proposal by Jonathan Swift?
  25. Analyzing the Potato Famine in the Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  26. Saving the Nation from Increased Poverty Level the Modest Proposal
  27. The Superiority and Usefulness of Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal

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