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101 US History Research Paper Topics For A+ Students

Jun 6, 2022 | 0 comments

Jun 6, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

US history is one of the most popular topics for research papers in college, but it can also get overwhelming. Here are 101 research paper topics to help you narrow down your topic and find great ideas for a quality A+ grade.

The “american history research paper topics for college students” is a list of 101 different topics that can be used to create an A+ grade essay.

101 US History Research Paper Topics For A+ Students

People have a lot of ideas for US history themes to write about, but the challenge is making them engaging and exciting. You, on the other hand, are in luck since you will get unique access to some of the best US history research paper themes.

Before we get into the meat of the matter, here are a few pointers to help you fight on.

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Finding History Research Paper Topics: Some Pointers

  • Prepare a plan.
  • Consult reputable and reliable sources.
  • Check out some of the prior study subjects.
  • At all costs, avoid plagiarism.

Topics for US history research papers will follow the same standards as those mentioned above. I’m sure you’re worried about the situation.

Let’s go right to the point.

101 History of the United States Essay Topics

The following US history research paper ideas have been organized into categories to allow you to choose one that best suits your demands.

First World War

  1. The United States’ entrance into World War One
  2. Telegram from Zimmermann
  3. The United States declares war on Germany.
  4. The Selective Service Act of 1917 is signed into law.
  5. Ratification of the 19th Amendment
  6. The 1917 Espionage Act
  7. The United States supports the League of Nations.
  8. Germany’s sinking of a British ocean liner
  9. Cease-fire declaration
  10. The US government is expanding.

World War II (WWII)

  1. Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941.
  2. The 1937 Quarantine Speech
  3. The United States has taken over the invasion troops of the United Kingdom in Iceland.
  4. The 1941 Lend-Lease Act
  5. The command to fire on sight
  6. Prisoners of War in the United States of America
  7. The conflict in the Pacific
  8. Japan’s home islands have been bombed.
  9. The campaign in North Africa
  10. The Italians have given up.
  11. France was invaded.
  12. The Soviets take control of Berlin.
  13. The cost of World War II (WWII) on America
  14. The number of Americans who died in the conflict.
  15. Cobra Operation

In the United States, there have been civil wars.

  1. The 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act
  2. Confederate soldiers pose a danger
  3. What led to Major Robert’s surrender?
  4. The First Bull Run Battle
  5. General Winfield Scott is replaced.
  6. Manassas II is the sequel to Manassas I.
  7. The Battle of Antietam was fought between the United States and the Confederate States of
  8. The Emancipation Proclamation’s Impact
  9. The Battle of Chancellorsville is one of the most famous battles in American history.
  10. The Battle of Chattanooga’s aftermath
  11. The Battle of the Wilderness is a battle that takes place in the middle of nothing.
  12. The politics of the postwar period
  13. Commemoration of the Civil War
  14. The modern navy’s evolution
  15. Women’s participation in the civil war
  16. Civil war detainees are people who have been held captive for a long time.
  17. The reasons for the separation
  18. Civil War Characteristics
  19. The effect of the civil war on the economy
  20. Diplomacy as a means of resolving the civil war in the United States

During the Reconstruction Period,

  1. In the South, there has been a lot of material destruction.
  2. The South’s Reunification with the Union
  3. Lincoln’s presidency is being reconstructed.
  4. Peace Conference of February 1865
  5. The implementation of black codes
  6. Slave weddings are now lawful.
  7. The 1867-1869 state constitutional conventions
  8. The congressional probe is still ongoing.
  9. The republican party’s nationwide divide
  10. The 1873 Panic
  11. The 1876 presidential elections in the United States
  12. Acts relating to military rebuilding (1867)
  13. Religious groups are formed.
  14. The founding of public schools
  15. Taxation has changed.

The Federal Period was a time when the United States was governed by

  1. The formation of a new government
  2. Debts owed to the government are assumed.
  3. Taxation in the Quasi-War Era
  4. Political parties are gaining popularity.
  5. The Whiskey Uprising
  6. The fight with the Northwest Indians
  7. The Jay Accords
  8. The Franco-American Quasi-War
  9. The Alien and Sedition Acts are federal laws that prohibit anyone from entering the United States illegally.
  10. The Federalists’ Demise
  11. On 1800, there was an election.
  12. The 12th Amendment is a constitutional amendment that protects the rights of
  13. Louisiana was purchased.
  14. The 1802 Judiciary Act was passed.
  15. John Pickering, the district judge, has been impeached.

The Great Depression lasted from 1929 to 1933.

  1. The Stock Market Crash’s Aftermath
  2. The urban politics’ desperation
  3. The monetary policy is strict.
  4. The Hoover policy’s ramifications
  5. How the United States reacted politically during the Great Depression
  6. The Great Depression of 1937-1938 lasted from 1937 until 1938.
  7. In 1940, the United States spent a lot of money on the military.
  8. The consequences for industrial output
  9. The number of banks that were impacted by the Great Depression
  10. The Mexican Repatriation Program is a program that allows people to return to their home country.
  11. The Hams and Eggs movement is a movement that promotes the consumption of ham and eggs
  12. The Great Depression’s Timeline
  13. Auction for a penny
  14. The 1930 census in the United States
  15. The National Labor Relations Board’s Impact

The Civil Rights Movement was a pivotal period in American history.

  1. Liberalism’s Demise
  2. The Civil Rights Movement is born.
  3. Civil rights impact of the 1964 elections
  4. The Space Race reaches its pinnacle.
  5. The Vietnam War (Vietnam War)
  6. The Women’s Movement was founded.
  7. Nixon’s Administration’s Effects
  8. The oil crisis of 1973
  9. The Watergate debacle
  10. The factors that contributed to the sexual revolution are as follows:
  11. Richard Nixon was pardoned by President Ford.

Many people look up to the United States. Many people want to come and just stare at the beauty of this lovely land. Writing on it, on the other hand, would be a wonderful first step in realizing this ambition.

Get assistance with US history research paper topics right now!

Topics for American history research papers are as numerous as the sands of the sea. Who could possibly overlook anything to write with 50 states and a population of nearly 320 million people? Good historical study subjects, on the other hand, are hard to come by. That is why the purpose of this post is to assist you in achieving that goal.

The themes for US history papers do not have to be confined to those mentioned above. There are a slew of others that are still relevant in the country’s history.

The list above is meant to inspire you to think about more American history research paper themes. However, you might begin by putting yourself to the test by employing one or both of the two challenges listed above. Make your concerns as succinct as possible to draw the reader’s attention to the remainder of your history essay.

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The “us history argumentative essay topics” is a list of 101 research paper topics that are perfect for students who are trying to write an A+ grade.

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