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100 Unique Law Dissertation Topics for Your Research

Feb 20, 2022 | 0 comments

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Feb 20, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

A law dissertation is a project that will take you from the beginning of your research and guide you through to completion. Its also an opportunity for you to outline, critique or reformulate how some area of law should be considered in relation with other areas.

“law dissertation topics 2020” is a topic that you might be interested in for your research. This article will provide 100 unique law dissertations topics to choose from.

Every student in the United Kingdom will be required to write a dissertation at some time. This universal urge elicits both excitement and dread since, on the one hand, it’s a fantastic chance to learn more about a fascinating subject and demonstrate your value, but it’s also a significant burden.

A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing devoted to a single subject that aims to demonstrate a student’s knowledge as well as their ability to synthesize and study data. It is the sole way to get a degree or a final certificate. But where do you start when it comes to amazing law dissertation topics?

The discipline of law is quite popular. It is employed in many aspects of life, which is why an increasing number of young people are applying to Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics, King’s College, and other universities. Their dissertation is their opportunity to demonstrate that they are skilled and knowledgeable in their field; also, depending on the subject, they will either succeed or fail in their future profession.   

The Importance of Selecting the Most Appropriate Topic

There are millions of dissertation themes available, yet the subject chosen for a law dissertation may make or break a student’s chances of success. There are some useful hints related with it, such as the more personally engaging a subject is, the more likely it is to be effective. After all, a student will have to spend months, if not years, writing it, which means that if it isn’t inspirational in the least, the outcomes will be as dreary. It applies to law students’ dissertations as well as EPQ proposals.

Of course, finding something you’re interested in might be challenging, but you can always look for alternative law dissertation themes and choose one that interests you the most. It is a broad sphere separated into numerous types, each of which is subdivided into millions of smaller themes. Check them out, choose what interests you the most, and get to work! Below are lists of law dissertation themes separated into 10 groups.

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Examples of Dissertation Topics

Law may be divided into eleven categories in general. Each has its own set of characteristics and concepts. So, if you’re having trouble coming up with fantastic ideas, have a look at the list we’ve put up for you!

Dissertation Topics in Criminal Law

  • What are the differences between male and female rape legislation?
  • What modifications should the UK rape rules make to distinguish between true incidents and revenge allegations?
  • How might manslaughter laws be abused, and how can victims be protected from such incidents?
  • What are the advantages of using a lie detector?
  • In what ways might a person accused of a crime establish that a confession was coerced from him or her?
  • The origins of mistrials: why and how did this idea emerge?
  • What aspects of a crime should not be discussed with the jury?
  • In 2021, the United Kingdom will enact laws to protect crime witnesses from reprisal.
  • How has the law on deliberate murder changed throughout time in the United Kingdom?
  • Death penalty : history & incidents
  • Changes in British criminal law in the post-Brexit era
  • What impact has EU legislation had on previous criminal law implementation? 
  • The prejudice in British criminal law vs. the American legal system


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Dissertation Topics in Employment Law

  • How did the legal code governing employees’ legal status evolve throughout time?  
  • Regulations on female vs. male workplace sexual harassment are effective.
  • The idiosyncrasies of the UK’s maternal vs. paternal leave regime.
  • Is the UK’s employment equality legislation effective?
  • Which categories of individuals continue to face discrimination in the workplace?
  • A comparison of key employment rules in the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • How may a contract of employment be tampered with, and how can this be avoided?
  • Analysis of labor laws by trade unions
  • In what circumstances are dismissal laws unconstitutional?
  • In the UK’s employment regulations, what legal protection do employees of various genders have?
  • Is it ethical to use British employment screening techniques? 
  • What are the employment benchmarks in the United Kingdom in 2021? 
  • Should AI-based techniques and neuroscience be used to screen job candidates?

Dissertation Topics in Family Law

  • Signs of child abuse: Consequences for Those Who Do Not Report Them
  • Over the years, child relocation law has evolved.
  • How much should a child’s wish to live with one parent or the other influence the court’s decision?
  • Distinctive features of shared housing, as well as challenges
  • What factors could make a divorce more difficult for a couple?
  • Is the age restriction for marriage adequate, or should it be changed?
  • Male and female domestic violence repercussions: differences and similarities
  • When are legal representatives permitted to interfere in a family’s affairs?
  • Divorce asset division: nuances and potential issues
  • Child abuse is shown in a British television series.
  • Should young people in the United Kingdom be permitted to use social media? 
  • Scouting’s position in the United Kingdom
  • How might book reading groups in the United Kingdom serve to promote family values?

Dissertation Topics in International Law

  • All intricacies of refugee regulation & protection
  • UK & US military cooperation in invading other countries: shared history, possibilities for a future
  • When is it appropriate for a nation to meddle lawfully in the affairs of another region?
  • Internationally wrongful acts: intervention & its consequences
  • Which rules should be made international?
  • What international law should be implemented that the UK has yet to implement?
  • International & national regulations: what are differences?  
  • What international criminal legal code require corrections & amendments?
  • UK as a peacemaker: actions that government should take in order to address urgent world problems & military conflicts  
  • The legal protection of children in the United Kingdom vs. Germany 
  • The United Kingdom’s response to the Afghan refugee issue in 2021
  • What will the ramifications of Brexit be for crossing the UK border in 2021?

Topics for Medical Law Dissertations

  • Embryo as a being capable of feelings & sensations: at what stage should abortion be forbidden?
  • Should euthanasia and assisted suicide be legalized together? Why?
  • Should male partners bring an abortion lawsuit against their female spouses?
  • To safeguard women from coerced pregnancies, amendments are necessary.
  • Which hospitals in the United Kingdom have been the subject of discrimination allegations? Why? 
  • Pros and drawbacks of organ transplantation according to UK guidelines
  • Legalizing forced sterilisation: who should it be targeted at, how should it be enforced, and why should it be done?
  • How is a responsible side decided in medical issues during surgeries? What legal ramifications may he or she face?   
  • Legal code vs. logic in stem cell research in the United Kingdom
  • Should judges hearing healthcare legal issues have further training to ensure that their judgements are both fact-based and relevant?

Topics for Immigration Law Dissertations

  • What does nationality law entail for immigrants?
  • Should immigrants be permitted to enter the UK under particular legal circumstances?
  • Determining sham marriage & process of verdict appealing
  • In what situations are immigrants given refugee status?
  • Should persons who are mentally ill be granted legal status as immigrants?
  • What are the potential legal ramifications for immigrants in the United Kingdom?
  • If immigrants who have not obtained permanent resident status commit a crime, should they be sentenced to life in prison?
  • UK immigration vs. emigration: difficulties & similarities
  • Immigrants’ children conceived or born on UK territory: their rights & limitations
  • British rules of rendition & extradition for immigrants in 2021
  • Immigrants and the British involvement in resolving the Afghan conflict
  • The popular media’s representation of immigrants in the United Kingdom
  • Immigrant-targeted social media initiatives in the United Kingdom

Topics for a Commercial Law Dissertation

  • Benefits and limits of UK anti-corruption legislation
  • A corporate veil: meaning, history, & implications for the future
  • Amendments to the Companies Act: Reasons and Motives
  • Should the focus of corporate governance be on soft or strong regulations?
  • From a legal standpoint, how can a person’s incompetence be determined?
  • What business rules should be used to punish dishonest executives? If so, what’s the reasoning behind it?
  • Hidden hazards and possible outcomes in commercial agreements
  • Creditors’ burdens: a debate from a legal standpoint
  • What are pre-incorporation contracts and how do you enter them?
  • What should be modified, removed, or added to UK business laws?
  • What has changed in business law since Covid-19?
  • In the UK, how do commercial rules affect the usage of outsourced labor methods? 
  • Commercial limitations in 2021 between Northern Ireland and Wales.

Dissertation Topics in EU Law

  • Under the terms of Brexit, the UK will be subject to EU tolerance laws.
  • How does the EU enforce its legislation in relation to the United Kingdom?
  • Workplace laws placed on UK employees by the EU
  • Legal relations between EU & UK: background or history
  • Equality: differences as well as similarities between UK &  EU
  • Participation of the EU in market stability
  • In a world when appropriate human rights are being violated, the EU has a role to play.
  • Citizens of the European Union have the legal freedom to travel between nations.
  • Student mobility inside the EU: a legal perspective
  • The UK’s skewed perspective toward the present post-EU voting system

Topics for a Company Law Dissertation

  • What impact does the Companies Act have on the rights of outsiders?
  • Directors’ legal responsibilities in the past, present, and future.
  • Is the Limited Liability Partnership Model still viable, or should it be phased out?
  • In what circumstances might corporation liability laws be invoked? What does it lead to?
  • Companies breaking environmental laws: top legislation breakers & their crimes instances
  • How can we compel businesses to respect environmental norms without violating other laws?
  • What further rules should environmental law provide for businesses?
  • Financial & non-financial drivers of corporate governance
  • Corporate social responsibility that firms have to follow: terms & regulations
  • The role of corporate governance in the UK’s Covid-19 issue
  • In the year 2021, how have firms fared in the Afghanistan crisis? 
  • The Huawei dispute and the United Kingdom’s participation in the resolution

Topics for Tax Law Dissertations

  • The tax history of the United Kingdom
  • In 2021, self-employment will be legalized, however there will be tax implications.
  • Freelancers & taxes: legal way to work in an unofficial capacity
  • Tax evasion in the United Kingdom: the most ingenious acts and how they were discovered
  • UK taxes & way they are applied to e-commerce
  • International income taxes & complying with them
  • A comparison between UK & US taxation system from legal viewpoint
  • Evading taxes & counter-actions aimed to identify them
  • Is it feasible to commit unintentional tax fraud?
  • In what circumstances might taxes be canceled?
  • In 2021, what function will taxes play in the freelancing business?
  • Is taxation relevant to social media blogging? 
  • EU-regulated regulations vs. UK tax legislation

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The “criminal law thesis topics” is a list of 100 unique research topics for your criminal law dissertations. The list includes such things as the difference between civil and criminal law, how to write a dissertation with a focus on criminology, and what are the different forms of crime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a dissertation topic for law?

A: The first step is to select a topic you are passionate about. When choosing the subject, think about how much time it will take for research and writing, what kind of skills youll need for your field and any other restrictions there may be.

What are some good dissertation topics?

A: Here are some potential dissertation topics for your research paper:
– Is the definition of love different in every culture?
– What are the origins of marriage and what does it mean to be married? Are there cultural differences between examples from around the world?
– Why do people buy into conspiracy theories, like that aliens exist or a secret Government organization controls everything happening on Earth.

How do I find a unique dissertation topic?

A: There is no such thing as a unique dissertation topic. It can be anything from the effects of childhood obesity on brain structure and function, to what causes stress in mice brains.

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