Birmingham’s Diverse Events Industry: Celebrating Cultures, Sports, and Celebrations | Descriptive Essay Example

The Vibrant Events Landscape of Birmingham
The Vibrant Events Landscape of Birmingham


The vibrant events landscape of Birmingham is the most enviable, hosting some of the high profile events in the whole world. Event refers to an important congregation or movement that often takes place in a public situation. The events business is diverse in scope and dynamic and involves organizations within private, public, and voluntary sectors. The purpose of events is to embrace cultures, sports, and personal parties and celebrations. The commercial sector comprises conventions, conferences, exhibitions, music concerts, and media product launches. The notion of this paper is to classify the variety of events endorsed by the city of Birmingham and the organizations involved.

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Birmingham’s events industry promotes a diversity of events including banquets, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and theatre depending on the flexibility of facilities. The city has several large halls that accommodate hundreds and thousands of guests on a daily basis. Each hall contains highly improvised facilities such as cinema screens, audio-visual packages, projectors, and panels (Bhaskar & ‎Shaliza, 2013). Despite being the city with the highest quality facilities and accessibility, it has a variety of hotels, shops, restaurants, and cultures. Hence making Birmingham the most reliable commercial city in the United Kingdom.

Event grouping can occur in various categories depending on the nature of the business. First, there are mega events typology group, which majorly include the MPH show `06 (Bowdin, McDonnell, Allen & O’Toole 2006). The theatre show involves stunts, cars chases, and incredible driving and world debuts. It attracts a large number of the visitors making it the most factor that contributes to the economic and tourism sectors. The main reason for its attraction is that its host is a famous motoring expert: Jeremy Clarkson. Mega events yield high-level media coverage for the community and destinations that host the events (Raj & Musgrave, 2009). An individual considers the premium collection of the most fashionable, expensive and rare cars in the galleries shows.

The second events are special events typology, which include Mitchell & Webb Live, Little Britain Live, the Asian Mela 2006, and WWE (Grates, 2013). A special event is an occasion that happens ones in while out of the normal activities as organized by the sponsoring body. The sports entertainment company WWE organizes an event called Survivor Series Tour, as unusual occasion typology. The motive is, this makes a portion of a person’s communal concern, hence based where individuals can attend with their families and friends. The Asian Mela 2006 major objective target was the public of Asian by hosting events containing Asian entertainment and fashion. The guests view special events as a chance for leisure, communal or traditional involvements apart from the normal array of choices.

Ferdinand and Kitchin, (2012) identified Hallmark typology as the third category of events that include BBL Cup Final. The conduction this event occurred in the NIA where major tournament came to climax in Birmingham. The recurring has highly limited duration, established mainly to improve the consciousness petition and effectiveness of a visitor terminus in both little and extended durations. BBL Cup Final was a big tournament, which comprised both men and women basketball events. This type of event bring people from different backgrounds but with similar interest to celebrate basketball champions.

The organization of the events differs depending on the type of occasions. They can belong to private, voluntary or public sectors. The private sector involves businesses that directly or indirectly in private personal ownership. The Mph Show was under Shell: the fuel company. Shell is a private global collection that deals with fuel, oil and other types of energy sources. The Mitchell and Webb Live events occur at Hippodrome in Birmingham. The Hippodrome is a theatre under charity donations from the friend of the theatre. The organization receive contributions from the public and companies such as Lloyds TSB (Smith, 2006). The sports entertainment company WWE, a private limited company, runs the Survivor Series event. It tracks animate occasions especially in the United States, not excluding the entire world. The Asian Mela event attainability is by a private sector called the Zee, the Asian television station and occasions firm Clarion Events.

Public commercial sectors refer area where the ownership of businesses is to the government. The Little Britain Live event gets its sponsorship from the NIA group since the show usually takes place at the NIA (Raj & Musgrave, 2009). The group has a connection with the city council rendering it a public business. Besides, the BBL Cup Finals is an event that takes place yearly, apprehended at the NIA. It is under the British Basketball League Association, a public sector organization.

The events provision in Birmingham has great impacts elements in the United Kingdom. These elements include economics, political, socio-cultural, and developmental benefits. The provision assists with the revenues of the city, thus initiating the development of new occasions and buildings for events presentation. For instance, Birmingham being a large town, it is one of the most city of UK dominated by the tourists, whose main objectives is to enjoy leisure, recreational activities, and shopping. The visitors and guests at the events eventually go to the local hotels and restaurants, thus promoting the business sector.

According to Raj & Musgrave (2009), the social and cultural insinuations are people from different culture together. It increases the unity and enjoyment among various community spirits hence lowering the negative issues surrounding different cultures (Tassie & Rekart, 2005). The event is very important since some of them create the acceptance of differences in individuals’ backgrounds and faiths so they can avoid the related fear. On the other hand, political impact is that it raises the national reputation and profile of the Birmingham city.

The events in Birmingham also have environmental and developmental elements such as urban regeneration. The income generated from the events helps to reconstruct the areas that receive fewer funds such as community youth centers (Bhaskar & ‎Shaliza, 2013). These centers provide platforms where young talents from very dependent backgrounds can learn new skills. For instance, the MPH Show brings several guests with interest for striking and notion cars (Smith, 2006).

The event products suppliers all the typologies of the occasions. The BBL Cup Final major focus is the basketball players and fans from different parts of the country and ages (Tassie & Rekart, 2005). The fans contribute to development through promoting the games tickets and advertising the teams. Basketball guest also has positive impacts accommodation businesses. NIA being the multitude of the competitions finals, it has optimistic effects to the council that represents the town, which can entice other interior sports events. The Survivor Series event targets mainly male and female youths due to an incline in audiences to the games performing events. This transport in visitors from outward Birmingham and even away from England. Thus, generating enormous income for restaurants, hotels, and supplementary indigenous businesses.

The Little Britain Live and Mitchell and Webb Live events have a comparable type of element results. They have varied targets based on demonstrations from television, thus creating a optimistic impact to Birmingham as it attracts young and older generations (Grates, 2013). The city gains economically since the occasions are a part of a long tour, producing revenue for local businesses. The city then experiences raised profile by having to promote its comedians. The comedy performances can motivate the visitors to enhance the Birmingham city to their tours shortly.

The Asian Mela occurrence targets the community of Asia and additional cultures since different cultures try to adapt Asian fashion and forms of cultural entertainment into their lifestyles. The provision for better events for native trades increases, as the occasion attracts guests coming from other regions (Ferdinand & Kitchin, 2012). Concerning the political component, this is an event anticipate its popularity as it initiates the community growth. Thereby creating more ideas from other cultures for new events. It attracts the neighboring societies into Asian to the event, thus promoting unity to the public and allows opportunity to appreciate the cultures and not the stereotypic myths around Asian cultures.

In conclusion, Birmingham city having several events provision industries gives an enviable reputation. It is an attractive city with great facilities for hosting meetings, banquets, conference, exhibitions, and theatres. There is potential for fast progression in private, a public and voluntary sector with careers in areas including events consultancy, planning and management, support, marketing, public relations and exhibition venue management. Birmingham can embrace the popular of occasions within its settings including the NEC, the NIA and the Symphony Hall. An increased number of events result in more income for the city and development in tourism industry, thus bringing in additional chances for individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests.


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