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Yummy Tummy comes to revolutionize the era of budget eating. The restaurant offers an ideal menu of unique and gourmet meals which can be accessed easily and at an affordable price. Situated in a convenient area with ample parking, the restaurant is a comfortable as well as serene dining option. The food to be sampled can only be described as great in terms of flavor and presentation. The restaurant has a highly trained staff, which ensures excellent and quick service of fresh food made straight and hot from our kitchen. Our chefs’ work extra hard to make your dining experience more than memorable.

Sample menu

The sample menu includes the top chef best dishes and sampled recipes. You can expect the best and in many cases specialized dishes from the restaurant.

Pan seared red snapper: made in battered shrimp, with jalapeño scream and served with a rich, spiced side dish of mashed sweet potatoes. This meal makes for an ideal starter.

Slow roasted mutton, prepared with spiced cinnamon sauce and often served with roasted cauliflower although patrons can elect their own specialized accompaniments. The chef’s special is accompanied with a salad of the patron’s choice and steamed buttered rice.

Braised lamb is one specialty that will leave your mouth watering. The lamb includes an accompaniment of various vegetable salads and is prepared over low heat. It is often served on flat bread that is not only warm but also crispy.

Rabbit meatballs are designed for the light eater. While other portions might seem large, this is a dish that is manageable for a light dinner. The meatballs are enriched with almond and served with rice.

For this and many more exciting dishes including the chefs daily specials visit Yummy Tummy.