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How to Write a Reflective Essay on Participating a Marketing Panel

Jan 23, 2017 | 0 comments

Jan 23, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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 How to Write a Reflective Essay on Participating a Marketing Panel


Make a brief introduction about the individual under consideration for proper connection with the paper under discussion. The introductory paragraph should highlight the relevance o the individual to the intended study. Furthermore, remember to incorporate the participation of the individual under the review to the business.


The body section is written in details with an intention of discussing the contribution of the individual towards the advancement of the business. For professionalism, divide this section in subsections.


It is comparative to write on the achievements of the person on focus to the respective business or organization. As the researcher, reviews on the advancements made on the organization due to the topic under scrutiny.


The researcher should coherently review on the contribution of the person under discussion on the topic being discussed.


Conclude by making a summary on the facts as previously discussed in the main sections of the paper. However, the researcher should be keen to avoid introduction of any new facts in conclusion pargraph.


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