Winter’s Night Response

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The difficulty in defining Postmodernism literature is due to its novel techniques, versatile ideas, and big changes from the traditional narrative writing.  “If on a winter’s night a traveler” is basically a novel about reading experiences and how someone thinks and feels about reading. When Idon’t use first person was reading scholarly assessments about postmodern literature, I found that Calvino’s novel of 1979 “If on a winter’s night a traveler” definitely is a work that is worth examining. While showing us the features of the postmodern fiction, a novel at times can prove to be an undertaking that is both controversial, traditional as well as challenging in nature. This novel has proven to be both interesting and also to be an innovative work in postmodern fiction circles. “If on a winter’s night a traveler” is a book written by Italo Calvino. Since it deviates from the obvious objectivity provided by the omniscient external narration normally found in nearly all traditional books (Calvino and William 13-18). All through chapter two and subsequent chapters, Calvino uses a second person viewpoint where the narrator for the readers of the novel are the key characters in his plot. He constantly uses the pronoun “you” in making the reader feel as he is part of what is happening and he points out a direct relationship between the author, the text, and the readers.   Much self-reflection also is found in nearly all postmodern novels and it is a are well-known attribute they possess.  Calvino’s novel portrays numerous remarkable literary devices that use “key characteristics’’ postmodern fiction as illustrated in the parameters summarized by Tim Woods in Beginning postmodernism which was his publication (Woods, pp.65-66).  This essay will describe some of the postmodern characteristics which are present in the Calvino novel, and also examine the author’s application and how various themes are executed. Good intro—work on making the thesis less descriptive and more persuasive.

The first postmodern device Calvino uses is known as metafiction. This type of writing was something I had not previously read about. Metafiction wants you to understand that what you are reading is not real and that the author is showing you how he has control over the characters. The author often tells the story in a way that shows you it they are totally made up. Calvino participates in a kind of combined narrative experiment in the beginning of his novel that he later explains as causing a “hyper novel” which is aimed at giving significance in a novel through the means of the concentrated form. In order to execute this chapter, twelve chapters were layered in the company of fragmented portions of the other novels that are outlined into the plotline; deviating within conceptual framework from the common crux (Weiss, pp.34-41). Use of metafiction by Calvino is a crucial role in the narrative of his work since he refers to the reader as “you.” This made it clear to the reader from the beginning of the first pages that they are experiencing “If on a winter’s night a traveler” within the metafictional framework: “You are about to begin reading Italo Calvino’s new novel If on a winter’s night a traveler.”cite source Through the blurring of the embedded texts and framing texts it appears that Calvino tries also to dissolve the disconnection between text of the narrative and the perceived reality. cite source Efforts at this narrative action perhaps are best demonstrated in chapter nine when Calvino gives the following remarks: “….You find yourself a prisoner of a system in which every aspect of life is counterfeit, a fake” (Calvino & William, pp.72-94).

Self-reflexivity has a presence all through this novel by Calvino. While the German Romantics theorized this, key works put this concept actually into motion reflecting this period.cite  Calvino’s self-conscious writing is perceived to regularly question his narration, whereas at the same time, raises moderate amounts of satire and humor to demonstrate the poststructuralist view concerning reading over writing hierarchy; frequently through means of subversion and restating. Calvino once said that “the process of literary composition has been taken to pieces and reassembled; the decisive moment in literacy life is bound to be the act of reading”. Ludmilla, the “other” protagonist also conveys lack of interest in the .............

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