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World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as the state of complete social, mental and physical wellbeing, and not just disease absence or infirmity. Health is a condition that is dynamic that results from constant adjustments and adaptation of the body in response to changes in the environment and stresses for maintaining the inner equilibrium referred to as homeostasis (WHO, 2016).

According to Nordqvist (2015), health can be categorized into two broad categories; that is mental and physical health.

1. Physical health

The Physical health aspects to humans imply a good health for the body because of regular exercises or physical activities, adequate rest and a good diet. As people in the region or a country experience improved standards of living, healthcare, quality of life and nutrition, their weight and height generally increase (Nordqvist, 2015).

Physical health relates to issues that concern our bodies. Henningfeld (2009) pointed out that physical wellbeing is another term used for physical health. Physical wellbeing is something that an individual can attain by developing all parts of his or her lifestyle that is health related. Fitness reflects an individual’s body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and cardiorespiratory endurance. Furthermore, other physical wellbeing contributors may include getting sleep in its right amount, hygiene, sexual health or responsible sexual behavior, avoiding alcohol abuse, abstaining from drug abuse, body weight management, and proper nutrition.

Nordqvist (2015) pointed out that sometimes physical health is divided into two distinct groups: structural and chemical health.

Structural health: this encompasses sound organs, muscles, bones among others. That the body structures are performing their functions properly. The structural health of a person is associated with an individual’s Body Mass Index (BMI), resting pulse rate, height/weight ratio, and recovery time after performing an exercise.

Chemical health: an individual’s chemical health that is good implies that the chemicals in the body of a person are right, and that the body tissues have the right nutrients balance, and that there are no chemicals that are poisonous. People may swallow or inhale synthetic and natural chemicals. Similarly, they can enter the human body through the skin. However, in most instances, the human body can break down the toxic chemicals and eliminate the waste them to avoid toxic overload or risk of intoxication. Nor.............

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