Education Theories

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Web-Quest: Education Theories


Education Theories

You are a new employee of the teachers’ service commission as a commissioner of the early childhood development. Your first task is to lend a hand in enhancing the impact of the early childhood education. As such, the commission feels the public needs to understand more concerning individuals, theories, and events that have affected the role of modern early childhood educator, as well as, how these factors have impacted our contemporary learning environment.


You are about to discover how various persons, theories, and events have influenced the early childhood education and subsequently create awareness through a periodical to the populace based on your findings. In so doing, you need to find out more about Education Theories by investigating the role of teachers, the needs of children, kindergarten education, technology and young children, the preschool years, the primary grades, parents and families involvement, and community participation. In addition, you should determine the means of meeting the special needs of children, the theories and history involved, and the professional development process of early childhood education. Are you prepared to explore more about these issues on early childhood development? As you study these factors, you ought to keep notes in your periodical. Your task is to investigate important information about the issues herein. Your periodical will go through documentation for your study and used as a tool for educating the community on early childhood education.


Part 1

Before you start, kindly search the following sites to obtain a general idea of Education Theories.

  • History and Theories of Early Childhood Education
  • Montessori- Education Theories
  • Pestalozzi- Parents, Teachers, and Community Involvement in Early Childhood Education – you will require clicking on the early childhood button to obtain the available information.
  • Professional Development Process of Early Childhood Education – click on the professional development button to access information

Part 2

For this section, you will need to explore a range of events, theories, and people who have influenced our contemporary childhood education and put records of your findings on the documentation sheet. To find out how the most suitable ways of enhancing early childhood education, have an exciting adventure about the following:
















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