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Incorporating High-Quality Web-Based Patient Education for Diabetes Patients

Apr 24, 2023 | 0 comments

Apr 24, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

High-Quality Web-Based Patient Education Resource

The ongoing health care changes are increasing the attention on patient education. According to Krau & Prevost (2011), education for patients has emerged as a significant component of disease management programs and health promotion. Making response to the increased pressure of providing more interactive and informed information sources to patients at affordable costs, the patent educators are beginning to understand the significance of using computer technology in supporting learning processes of health care. The paper conducted an internet search and found a high-quality web-based patient education source called America Diabetes Association found in this link https://professional.diabetes.org/content/diabetes-educator-resources. These web-based patient education sources focus solely on diabetes patients.

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I would teach my patients or my clients about this American Diabetes Association education sources in many nursing practices in many ways and for several reasons. First of all, in teaching my client, I would focus on my curriculum integration after choosing the website. America Diabetes Association website is connected to my specialty and the curriculum of diabetes. I will then build my lesson plan that has learning objectives, web-based handouts, and collaborative notes. Using my checklist, I will smoothly keep the lesson running by setting clear rules, brainstorming on the group members’ etiquette, monitoring my students’ progress, and conducting my assessment after a period.

I would also teach my client about this America Diabetes Association website because it has important information and is free. Moreover, the America Diabetes Association website is a “.org” which is for a reliable organization. Moreover, the website is informative, detailed and help patients be educated on matters concerning diabetes. America Diabetes Association website will prevent my patients from being misled by potential health quackery, dangerous or inaccurate information existing on the website

The elements of the America Diabetes Association website that fit the needs of my diabetic patient population are diverse. The website has all the needed information from the at-risk groups, diabetics basic, living with diabetics, food and fitness, community diabetes help groups, advocacy, research, and practice. Furthermore, they have an online community where diabetic patients can discuss issues, share their experiences. The America Diabetes Association website has online diabetic professionals that can assist the patients where their local doctors are unreachable and a magazine that is sent monthly to educate members.

However, there are few elements in the America Diabetes Association website that I would like to be changed to fit the needs of my diabetic patient population. I would like my community to be structured in a way that starts from the family unit support before embracing the larger community help groups. Moreover, the online professionals that offer advice to the patients need to be changed. I think a patient needs to be provided with an online form where they fill their diabetic health history before an online professional could offer their advice rather than offering health advice randomly.


To the unit manager/ Department Chair,

I would like to bring to your attention and explain how the unit/department could incorporate the use of web-based patient education resources in patients’ plans of care. Four the past decade, technology has rapidly increased and has become an integral part of healthcare. To incorporate the web-based patient education resources, the following steps should be implemented.

1. Establish teams such as provider, administrator, and clinical content teams

2. Develop and conduct curricula training for the providers, staff, and online customer care representatives

3. The portal should first be piloted for six months before fully implementing it

4. Register patients to the portal using different sources like fliers, advertising about the portal in different clinics

Yours Faithfully,

(Insert Your Name)


American Diabetes Association, (2015). Patient Education Materials. American Diabetes Association. Retrieved 9 October 2015, from https://professional.diabetes.org/content/diabetes-educator-resources

Krau, S. D., & Prevost, S. S. (2011). Patient education. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders.

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