Violence in Movies

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Violence in Movies


The effect of violent movies in the behavior of the children is not well understood. There exists unsorted information related to the effect of violent movies on the children’s behaviors. The paper will evaluate some of the existing articles related to violence in movies and their impact on children’s behaviors. Some of the articles that will be considered for this discussion include the Unnatural killer by John Grisham, Memo to John Grisham by Oliver Stone, Violent Films Cry “Fire” In Crowded Theater, Violent Media is Good for Kids article by Gerard Jones and The Wrong Way to Talk About Violence in Movies. The review of these articles will offer us greater insights regarding the impact of violence in movies on children’s behaviors. In the essay, I will try to demonstrate that violent movies are not wholly associated with negative outcomes on children, but can also have positive consequences.


In the article Unnatural killers, john Grisham highlights two terrific acts of violence. The movie draws links that existing between murder in Hernando, Mississippi and others that took place in Louisiana and Ponchatoula, two towns connected by interstate. The article outlines various instances of violence in movies by citing various occurrences of murder and violence. Grisham is clear in his work as he mentions instances of murder such as the murders of both Patsy Byers and bill savage between March 7-8, 1995. The article Unnatural killers, a young man by the name Benjamin Darras who was aged eighteen by then murdered Bill Savage secretly, ensuring that the news spilt to no one at that time (Grisham, 1996). However, the murder of Patsy Byers came to be known openly because it had a tape recording. The tape recording later revealed that a lady by the name Sarah Edmonson was behind his murder. The two murderers had a relationship involvement with one another as the public came to reveal later.

In testimonies during trials, Sarah’s lawyer testified against Ben and admitted that the young boy committed murder due to the violent movie he and his friend had watched on March 6. The movie had unique episodes of murder. In addition, the people who murdered in the movie walked scot free and even revealed to the public the excitement they got form killing others. The movie, Natural Born Killers, revolved around two young men who killed people as they drive towards south west of the country. The two killers became more popular for their actions (Grisham, 1996). Moreover, rambled happily down the highway gaining fame as days went by. Consequently, Ben also adopted the style of speaking openly about killing people as well as committing the actual act of murder. Actually, Ben was ever anxious about killing someone. Sarah’s lawyer testified how Ben shot and consequently killed Bill Savage. Ben went further to press Sarah repeatedly to also participate in killing someone herself to gain popularity.

In conclusion, the movie, Natural Born Killers is fully to blame for the violent and murder acts that spoilt Ben’s life. The two teens, Ben and Sarah had no records of violence throughout their lives before watching the movie. Movies that make fun of murder and portray it as if it makes an individual a hero should face legal restrictions.

Memo to John Grisham by Oliver Stone

In response to John Grisham’s conclusions, Oliver Stone critics the manner in which Grisham came to a conclusion that it is the movie that incited feelings of killing among Ben and her girlfriend, Sarah. Oliver laments Grisham’s comments that his movie, Natural Born Killers that inspired the two teens to engage in an act of killing. Oliver goes ahead to give his reasons that could probably have led to the acts of murder in Ben and Sarah (Oliver, 2011). In his memo to Grisham, Oliver made it clear that the two teens had had various cases of drug and substance abuse that could have caused the ill they committed. Oliver’s memo even stated that the two teens had at some point attracted attention of psychiatrist due to psychological effects of drug and substance abuse they went through. Despite Oliver’s arguments, it is easy to ask why the two had never committed any act of murder before. The vice only came to their mind after accessing a movie that had contents of violence and murder. Indeed, the two committed murder only between two to three days after watching the movi.............

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