Violation of Folkways

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Violation of Folkways

Violation of Folkways

Folkways can be generally defined as the social customs or conventions of daily life in a given society. They are not formal laws but rather the unspoken “rules” of society that guide people’s behaviors without any serious consequences upon violation (Kendall, 8). It is evident across the globe, that most if not all societies not only have set rules and laws that govern acceptable behaviors, but have also formulated social control developed by social groups that encourage conformity to rules, laws and norms and discourages deviance.

Folkways may vary from one society to the other. This implies that a certain action may be seen as socially acceptable in a certain culture but it may be unacceptable in another community. Moreover, some behaviors may be regarded as normal in a specific environment but the same behaviors might be considered abnormal in a different context. For example, it might be seen as normal if a man walks bare chest at the beach while he might seem to be insane if he enters a bus in the same way. Folkways are mostly confused with conformity and are only recognized when they are violated. Personally, I violated a folkway by sitting next to a stranger in a restaurant and the reactions were fascinating.

The Norm I Violated

The norm I violated was intruding personal space by sitting next to a stranger in a restaurant. I went to the restaurant during unusual hours when I was absolutely sure that there .............

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Violation of Folkways
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