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The book written by Alain Corbin[1] details a gruesome murder of a young French noble man. The young man though of nobility is accused albeit falsely of a crime to which the peasants of Hautefaye proceed to beat him to death for. The author manages to bring out the most gruesome piece of history with a lot of emotion. The helpless you man is persecuted for no other reason other than he is of a noble class which the peasants of the village of course hold against him. Corbin[2] draws on this incidence to discuss and explore the nature of mob justice and violence by the public in the late 19th century.

Thesis statement: Fear is a strong force; the force of fear in human beings is greater than any form of rationality

Historical context

Village of cannibals is set pre French revolution. The era that is 1870 is one that is filled with political class segregation as well as social class segregation. Both these factors are explored by Corbin[3] in his book. He describes the brutal murder by the peasants who at the time felt justified to torture and kills a noble man. In the book, he describes his belief and sets off facts that show that indeed the murder was nothing but a political statement from the masses and those dissatisfied by the system of rulership.

The small commune of Hautefaye seems successful economically to the naked eye. However, underneath there are currents of dissatisfaction and a violent rage explored by Corbin.[4] The peasants are angry and feel that the vast pieces of land owned by the nobility have not been acquired in the rightful manner. These under currents are what cause the peasants to harshly judge and execute a member of the class that they do detest. Based upon these under currents, Corbin[5] explores the fearful conspiracies that existed before and during the state of the revolution. These conspiracies could account for a large number of deaths.

Source of historical information

To many readers, the book Village of Cannibals could seem like a horror story or indeed a narration bordering on fiction. However, Corbin[6] strives to bring out historical facts and evidence of the political and social climate through the murder of one young man.  To begin with the murder described takes place on the commune situated at the border of Dordogne.[7] The importance of border towns as an economic resource cannot be ignored. For people living in these towns the income and standards of living could be considered quite high. In addition, residents often interacted with other traders and merchants passing by. The result was a rich culture. However, as shown by Corbin,[8] even at the time there was excessive greediness among the people in the town. Large tracts of land were owned by singular noble families. Peasants were forced into the outskirts, to lands that were less than productive. Because of thus, they were often forced in.............

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