Value of Knowledge

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The Difference and Value of Knowledge as Distinct From Mere Applied Information

Value of Knowledge


The discussion that has been ongoing for decades articulating the concept of knowledge and the information disseminated in learning institutions is not a concluded issue. Although most of the people accept that there is a distinction between the two, a majority do not agree upon the different questions that make the concepts different. While the schools come into creation with the aim of acquiring knowledge, it is an obvious fact that the latter does not influence the learner directly. Instead, it is dependent upon the information impacted into the individual to make sense of the knowledge gained. In my view, information is a very different realization because its effect on people is dissimilar and its value lies in the abilities of the receiver for it to become significant and classified as knowledge. Concisely, I can denote from my argument that knowledge is the practical application of information. This paper, therefore, discusses the disparity between the values of the two with the aim of asserting that knowledge is supreme to the common information received.


In my reflection, information denotes to broad or comprehensive data articulated or shown by numbers, sounds, images, words, and more. The fact is, particular instances elaborate this data while some do not. For example, an observed result or outcome of experimentation indicates unelaborated data, while the explanation of that experiment is an elaborated data. Briefly, the unelaborated finding best defines info, and the elaborated or discussed data highlights the essence of knowledge. Critical analysis will provide that different individuals will not apply the observation of that practice the same way (O’Hara 83). The reason is the interpretation of the result or observation will be deviating based on the personal knowledge gained from the experiment. One person may have the ability to interpret the outcome yet another person may not. It, therefore, means that without knowledge, the mere info obtained cannot be useful or impactful in both the learning and the working environments. Knowledge rivets and fastens personal experience; on the other hand, info is a shared concept that can just avail to anybody anywhere without leaving traces of an impactful experience. While people can transport, share and store information without many challenges or difficulties, the same cannot be conclusive about knowledge (Aristotle on… 33)

It is very imperative to note that information is freely accessible to anyone in all places around the globe. With the current society established in

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Value of Knowledge
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