Tranfer letter to another school

Nov 11, 2017 | 0 comments

Nov 11, 2017 | Miscellaneous | 0 comments

Completing my high school and with the hope of joining a good university to study was a dream come true to me. I knew that my ambitions were slowly being fulfilled because the university could provide me with excellent opportunities to pursue my dream of being a theatrical actor. From childhood, my dream was to be on Saturday night live and I wanted to go to college and Study Theater and then go to the Yale school of drama or the groundlings school of improve in Loss Angeles. After high school studies, I ended up going to a small Catholic school in San Diego that specialized in arts. It was a really traditional catholic university and it that was not what I wanted.

Despite the fact that the school was good, I started facing some difficulties especially in the sexuality. I have been struggling for many years with my sexuality for a couple years now and I do not think it was a safe environment to pursue that side of me. I was raised Catholic and I love the Church but a lot of the students were very fanatical about their faith which was something I was not used to given that I was someone coming from, and has been through catholic schools my entire life. Everyone I had met in my church communities were always nice and did not care about how people had sex.

I want to study more theatrical acting since it is what I love to do in an environment that is safe for me to express myself and my beliefs. I wish to accomplish my holistic growth as a person because in a suitable environment. Moreover, I wish also to devote most of my time in theatrical acting where I can express educative information to the audience. I believe I can do well in a university environment which has an active environment and has creative and diverse student body