The Writing Life

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The Writing Life

The Writing Life

Dillard wrote her last book, The Writing Life. Inherent and conspicuous in all Dillard’s works are her focus on self−sacrifice and her try to get in touch with life’s beauty with its known horrors. Although she is known as a writer of nature, she can neither be described as an expert, or an appreciator of nature. Rather, she is a student of the person ideas and is passionate about how people perceive their surroundings and world. Actually, her idea of nature and art can be identified as the two factors of the same coin. This is especially apparent in The Writing Life. The purpose of this material is to evaluate the theme artistic authenticity and how it has been developed in the book (Dillard, 24).

In her formerly works, Dillard (54) views the world through her analysis of natural creatures, but in The Writing Life, she chooses the way of lifestyle and actions of other artists to come to further understand the suffering life

In this book, she actually made a huge step from what she did in her previous works, and provides with, what is gradually, a wrong feeling of comfort from a group, as if to say artists are usually different from the public. It is apparent that Dillard seems left out from society and seriously desires to find others with whom she be identified with. She looks out for the neighbors’ views and at some aspect accepts that however fashionable her job might be, writing is just a job in the end.

The main theme of T.............

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