The twin Problem

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The twin Problem

A surgeon is basically supposed to save life. There are however rules that go along with this duty. Before a patient is operated on, consent is required from the immediate family such as parents and guardians, if the patient is a minor, and for adults the same rule applies although the adult can consent to the surgery himself. On the other hand, surgeries that require donor an organ, the donor is supposed to agree to the risk he or she is being exposed to during the surgery. Most of the time the donors are usually people we know such as family members. In this case, the Parents have consented to the surgery and the risks involved despite Megs refusal. Irene is the patient and her life is at risk and requires the kidney urgently.

Irene is patient and the surgery is the only way to life. As a doctor I am trained to save life and I will do all I possibly can to save life as long as I don not breach any rules. Meg the donor of the kidney has refused to donate it. As a doctor I cannot perform the surgery without Megs consent. I will try my level best to convince Meg the importance of the surgery to the life of her sister. At the same time I will assure her that the surgery will be safe and she has no reasons to worry.

Meg’s parents consent is all that is needed for me to save Irene’s life. Since the state regulations permit the operation of a minor with the parent’s consent I will have to operate on Meg without her consent to save the life of her sister.