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The target market

Mar 25, 2017 | 0 comments

Mar 25, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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The target market- Indiana hand wash soap

Godrej Consumer Products limited developed a new product called the Indiana hand wash soap to be used in washing hands to prevent transmission of germs and spread of diseases. The Indiana hand wash product will primarily target the mothers and the children caregivers in India. This basically means that the targeted demography is wide given that mothers and the care givers care for children and many families in India. With the population of India standing at over 1.2 billion people, the product is predicted to reach many people. Demography of India: Part 1 (1998) observed that professional care giving is not well defined in India and therefore the number of care givers and mothers is unknown. However, with 30% of Indians living in urban areas, the number is projected to be high.

According to WHO, approximately 900,000 people in India die annually from drinking water that is contaminated. The ration of doctors to people is 50 doctors per 100,000. Therefore; there is need for prevention of the diseases (Viroj & Singh, 2009).

Key messages

Diarrhea infections are one of the causes of death among children in the world. Washing of hands with soap can reduce diarrhea infection substancially, howver, prevalence of washing hands is low in India (Vogel, 2013). The new product of Indiana hand washing soap has been made out of ingredients that will improve the hand hygiene. Furthermore, our product has the potential to reduce mortality and morbidity from infections that are transmitted by person to person contact and fecal-oral routs

Indiana hand wash soap will help in reducing the following disease among the Indian populations including the young children, mothers and the vulnerable populations. The diseases include trachoma, respiratory infections, worm infections and fatal neonatal infections.

Objective statements

  1. To help in reducing the number of infections and deaths that are caused by person to person contact by 20 % annually in India
  2. To help in creating public awareness on the importance of using Indiana hand washing soap among the India citizens
  3. To reach 80% of the Indians with the new product of Indiana hand washing soap and make it a household name.


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