The Pursuit of God

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In the book “The Pursuit of God,” Tozer outlines what the responses of people should be upon finding God. The endeavors of the Christians does not end just with the salvation, or with discovering God or God discovering us as it is always known; even after acknowledging God, we still should strive after Him, because indeed of this acknowledgement, human beings strive after Him.

According to Tozer, his problem with many Christians is that they have reached an understanding of God, and yet they are not even experiencing the same God in their lives. This is the problem that in his book Tozer is trying to confront. The problem of loss of pursuit that many Christians are settling for simple intellectual knowledge of God encounters, or the Christians who believes that Christ’s work stop affecting their lives after their salvation. If they happened to continue with their work, they do so by shifting to methods, programs, activities, organizations and having a belief that that the pursuit has come to an end, yet God is speaking and it is important that the Christians to strive for the experience with Him. Tozer asserts that Christians must experience and pursue him. Despite the obstacles standing on their way such as complacency, fear of being termed as inadequate, or perhaps the worst among them, dividing the life of Christianity into different spheres and being satisfied to confined to their religious life, the pursuit after God, into one of the different spheres.

From the book, it is evident that the goal Tozer is striving for is that Christians make God the Lord of their whole lives. Not only is a lord of some moments in which they attribute to the salvation. This not just the two week or the hour they spend in churches. Moreover, this is not just the religion sphere that is separate from the family and work and the hobbies, instead, according to Tozer, the pursuit of God should be dwelling in the whole of the Christians lives. Moreover, they are to strive to know God and experience Him as well.


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