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The proposal

Sep 27, 2017 | 0 comments

Sep 27, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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The proposal aim at producing a sketchbook of work demonstrating my ideas, developments, creative work, and reflections, based upon the themes of “fashion, editorial, commercial photography.” I will choose my best photographs and mount them so that they can be easily viewed. I will show examples of others’ work and analyze them from my own perspective.

I will begin my initial research by looking into fashion, editorial, commercial photographers. At the moment, I have Jamie Nelson and Karl Taylor. Jamie Nelson is a fashion photographer whose work inspires mine whereas Karl Taylor’s is an expert when it comes to using cameras and lighting perfectly. I picked these two photographers because they have an extra touch when it comes to exhibiting different methods while representing them in different ways in terms of photography.  I would try to capture the images of clothes in a unique way that can look presentable to everyone. My work may not be similar to Nelson’s or Taylor’s but it will be inspired by their works for my future work.

In order to make three live briefs, I need to come up with original ideas, write about their concepts, get the jobs, and start shooting. To show progression through my work, I will start by photographing the basic poses, then play with more extreme ones, and then I will develop these images further by taking more ideas from Nelson and Taylor and editing them. I already have a lot of ideas at hand in this project and this promises a good start and direction for the project.

I would like to experiment with a wide range of techniques across my work. I have an 18-35mm lens, which I will use to take most of my photographs and 18-108 lens for more standard shots. I will use adobe Photoshop to give the image a creative touch which will focus in color, black and white photography

I have a lot of time to produce my sketchbook of work and focus it toward the production of my final piece. I aim to complete my initial research within the first week and to start photographing after the concept is written out, in order to present good results for my clients.

As my project progresses, I will use annotations throughout my sketchbook, labelling my ideas and developments clearly. This will also help me to reflect on the work I produce. I will mainly seek advice from my tutors and my peers on how to make my work better, as I’m always aiming to push myself to new levels. After the creation of my final piece, I will write a final evaluation on the project as a whole, reflecting on what went well and what I would do differently or change given the time.