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The Legacy of Steve Jobs: A Look into his Life and Career

Mar 11, 2023 | 0 comments

Mar 11, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Steve Jobs was the key founder of Apple Computers assisted by Steve Wozniak. Following his guidance, the firm has pioneered different revolutionary technologies such as the iPad and iPhone. Notably, Steve was an inventor, entrepreneur, and a designer from America being the chairman, chief executive, and the founder of Apple Computer. For a fact, the revolution of Apple products like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod are currently the driving force of modern technological evolution. Steve Jobs was born in 1955 by Wisconsin University graduate students who later left him for adoption. Even though Steve was smart, he was directionless which made him drop from college and started various experiments with many pursuits before he landed to his famous Apple Computers in 1976 assisted by Steve Wozniak (Butcher, 2017).  In 1985, he left the organization to launch Pixar Animation Studios; nonetheless, he later went back to Apple after a long time of absentia. Sadly, he died in 2011 being a victim of pancreatic cancer.

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According to the news updates released by Forbes, the approximated Steve’s net worth was about $6.5 to $7 billion from his past sell of Pixar in 2006 that was sold to Walt Disney Company. Nevertheless, if only Steve had not sold the shares of Apple in 1985, the year he left his founded firm and went missing for more than a decade, his overall net worth would have short to about $36 billion (Andre et al, 2016).

Remarkably, many movies that were inspired by Steve’s life were released and are still being released, for example, 2013 critically panned jobs, the 2015 Steve Jobs, the starring Ashton Kutcher, and the Danny Boyle directed starring Michael Fassbender. Besides, many books have been published about the career and life of Steve Jobs such the authorized general bibliography written by Walter Isaacson in 2011 (Carlton and Annotations-Kawasaki, 2015).  Most importantly, the book was mainly a critique for its main subject depiction by the Chief executive of Apple Tim Cook, the successor of Steve Jobs. Moreover, in 2012, Karen Blumenthal published an adult young biography as well as Rick Tetzeli and Brent Sclender who both wrote about Becoming Steve Jobs in 2015.

Worth noting, the story of founding the Apple Company is dated back in 1976 whereby, Wozniak came up with the first I computer from Apple, then later Ronald Wayne and Wozniak made the initial setups for the Apple computers. Initially, the Apple computers were sold from the garage of Steve’s parents. Later, Apple computers made rapid expansions as the home computers market turned out to be increasingly significant. In 1984, Steve made his first designs of a Macintosh, which was the initial successful commercial home computers used as a graphical user interface (Carlton and Annotations-Kawasaki, 2015). Markedly, this development was a crucial home computing milestone being the key principle in home computers.

Regardless of the various Steve’s innovative successes at Apple, high friction was noted between other workers and Steve at Apple. Consequently, in 1985 Steve managerial duties were given to another person who made him resign, leaving Apple. Later, he reconsidered the situations that led him to be removed from being the manager at Apple Company and made conclusions that it was the best step that the people took on him since it was a gateway of him regaining a freedom and innovation sense because without it he would be unable to get job in an established company in the future.

Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 years at Palo Alto is a father, husband, and a brother. Importantly, Steve was married to Laurene Powell, who got married in 1991. The two met earlier in 1990 at a business school in Stanford, Powell being a student in MBA. They were blessed with three children and lived in California, Alto(Butcher,2017).

Referring to his biological parents, Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah, who were two graduate student from Wisconsin University and the same parents who gave on him for adoption, both were learned for instance, his father, Abdulfattah was a professor in political science, his mother, Schieble, as well ,was a therapist in speech. Being an infant, he had no choice in regards to his adoption, where he was put under the care of Paul Jobs and Clara (Andre et al, 2016). His new family lived in California, Mountain View. Notably, Steve and his new father worked in the family garage mainly on electronics, whereby Paul taught his son on ways of taking part and reconstructing electronics, which to Steve; it was a hobby that gave him mechanical prowess, tenacity, and confidence in handling young jobs.

Steve was always an innovative thinker and intelligent, he was subjected to frustration on formal schooling, although he passed well in his elementary school. After completing high school he joined Reed College, dropping after 18 months of schooling. He later recounted on how one calligraphy course made him love typography. This created a path in his career wherein 1974 he was given a video game designer position with Atari (Byrne and Sculley, 2017). Months passed and he left the organization in search of spiritual enlightenment from India, making him travel more and experiment more with psychedelic drugs.

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