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Fighting Against Child Labor Through Education and Social Responsibility

Apr 23, 2023 | 0 comments

Apr 23, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


Child labor is a term that refers to denying children (under the age of 18) the freedom and right to enjoy their childhood by putting them into employment, this ends up affecting them physically, socially, and mentally as it goes to a larger extend affecting their regular school programs by either discontinuing or affecting their concentration in school (IIECL, 2013). This practice has been practiced in most of the history as from 1940, where most children under the age of 5-14 were employed in the United States and other superpower nations in Europe, according to Stearman (2004). Legislations worldwide have been enacted against this act with a clear exclusion of certain types of work that enhances the children’s talents a good example being the artistic side like gymnastics and drawing.

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The most effective tool for fighting child labor is through education by providing quality good schools in the area that is prone to practice this vice (Leonie, n.d). The multinational corporation should take school construction as their prime social responsibilities, equip the schools with nice learning and field facilities to ensure the focus of society shifts from embracing the act to encouraging their children to attend school and hence enjoy their childhood and get the right to have quality education. This will also deal with the root problem which is the abusive relationship between children and parents that make children the majority of the children according to UNICEF to run their homes and seek employment. A good education will be an eye open, to the children’s parents and society at large (Andres, 2007).

There are millions of children denied rights and freedom which if enjoyed will enable them to have a bright future and instead they are put in very pathetic and dangerous working conditions for the sake of cheap labor (Dave, 2007). The multinationals corporations have turned a blind eye to their future hence they will be cheap. Who does not need a good prosperous future? The answer is obvious it would be very unethical to subject children to employment that will enslave them and be a stumbling block and an obstacle to their future even at the expense of getting money in return this is against humanity and it should be abolished like yesterday.

Based on the religious group a lot of initiative has been put in place with various religious NGO supporting the education of children, empowering their parents to know the values of educating a child, and also ensuring the children rights are respected by teaming up with the government when it comes to fighting child labor. Child labor is seen as a sin and should be practiced. Dave (2007) suggested that regardless of whether it’s family debts, harvesting coffee. regardless of the nature of work child labor is denying humanity the ability to know what he or she was created to do and his or her purpose in the world


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