The benefits of homework or no Homework

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This assignment has two parts which are designed to work together. The overall assignment requires you to identify and reflect on a critical issue or question you have related to English language teaching and learning at the classroom level, and with reference to your own teaching context. You will follow a process of inquiry and reflection to explore the issue throu gh readings and by collecting evidence from the classroom in order to describe and discuss the issue and formulate an action plan of how you would respond to this issue in your own teaching. Part A of the assignment is an essay that focuses on the broader context of topic/issue, while Part B is a report and action plan that focuses on more detail at the classroom level. You are encouraged to read through Part B and keep it in mind when completing Part A. Part A Guidelines This assignment has two parts (2A and 2B), and the same topic/issue must be used in both parts. 1. Use the inquiry or action research process to help you identify and select a critical issue or question about English language teaching/learning that is pertinent (or of interest) to you and your teaching context. You may choose a topic from the Module 3 study guide, or negotiate an appropriate topic with your subject coordinator. If you choose to negotiate a topic, then do this quickly.............

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The benefits of homework or no Homework
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