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Riftcom, a company that roots its operations in the telecommunication industry, based strategically in the regional market had agreed unanimously on a new program that would soon hit the market. The program was for designing a system that monitors online money transfers from an individual to individuals or group or companies. As a tradition of the company, my team was tasked to conduct the feasibility study of the product on the responsiveness of the market towards any product developed within the company. The day of handing over and presentation of my feasibility study report was on 11th October 2013 and from my findings and recommendations, I believed the feedback to the management will be very hard to be accepted or even to convince them.

On that material day, we all gathered in the members’ boardroom, and I did bit by bit of the report presentation. Every information captured on power point presentation. Due to the nature of the program I ensured necessary, and relevant information passed across to the present members who tirelessly developed the system knowing that would have risen the horizons of the company.

I continuously and repetitively went through the same presentation to convince the management that proceeding with the launch and implementation of the system of the product was a decision that will eat into the company’s reputation. Riftcom Company already enjoyed a chunk of the market and forcing a product of such sensitivity that deals with monitoring money transfers would negate the gains we all endured to see a move to the next horizon.

Questions began flowing fast and thick from the panel and members in general. The concerns ranged from the methodologies employed in data analysis of our feasibility studies. I had to keep referring to previous slides to remind everyone on the boardroom that every aspect was done above board. From the body language, I could tell how much disappointed the executive were bearing in mind the cost the company had incurred.

I explained to the management board that we did prospects of the success of the product. I as a program/project manager, I headed the team, and all presentations were bestowed on me. Therefore, due to competitive market we were operating on, objectivity was an important factor that I had to emphasize to the team as usual. From the onset, going through the majority of our collections and surveys the product was negative in terms of responsiveness to the market. Riftcom Company had invested intensively in the system that our report would be a no-no to the executive.

Therefore, a unanimous decision after my presentation was adopted to postpone the entire product of a system and probably work on a modified system. The recommendations that the management wanted considered on the next product could tell the weighty aspect of the feedback we delivered.