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Using Technology to Improve Access and Performance in Education

Jan 23, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jan 23, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


It is hard to imagine life without technology in the 21st century. It is equally difficult to imagine a career path and specialization that does not require technology. Education is one career path that requires technology. Technology can be used to improve the performance of both teachers and students. It can also be used to enhance access to education by people from all walks of life.Technology has become the way of life to most people and is definitely the clear path to the future. I am passionate about technology and that is probably one of the main reasons I choose to study degree in educational technology. I look forward to using my skills for not only my personal growth and higher pay but also for advancement of knowledge for others. I have always had a passion for teaching. I did not however want to be any other teacher. I wanted to combine both my teaching passion and technological passion to give the best to my students. Through my skills I would help identify the barriers to performance and how these barriers can be overcome. I therefore, intent to use my specialization to impact knowledge on my students. Technological skills prepare teachers for the challenges of tomorrow. Technology can be hat integrated into class work and can help teachers plan lessons. It can also be used to provide teachers with extensive professional development and coaching impacting knowledge and skills on the students at the same time.

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One thing I have been passionate about all my life is, access to education by all people. It is unfortunate that with the vast technology some children are not lucky enough to have well informed parents who understand the importance of education. Through education we could all change the world to a better place. I come from a very humble family and my parents did all their best to ensure that my siblings and I attended school. In my neighborhood however, some children were not lucky enough to go to school and ended up not being irresponsible members of the society. It is the lack of education that leads to violent and criminal behavior among young people. If only all young people would have access to education then you would not have to worry about your purse or wallet when walking down a violent neighborhood because none would exist in the first place.

There are different reasons why children are not able to access education. Some of the reasons include lack of schools, lack of guidance and the education system being to expensive. With my passion for education and technology, I intent to use my technological skills to start a portal where everyone can contribute funds to help such disadvantaged children access education. The money contributed shall be used to pay for school fees, buy books and cater for school uniforms for the children. Together with the existing organization and schools the needy children shall be selected and entered into the program. Students from the program shall also be mentored and later groomed to mentor others both in and out of the program.

Barriers to education vary from one locality to another. In my neighborhood the main barrier to access to education was that education was very expensive. I intent to focus on overcoming these barriers in my neighborhood. Access to education is not only important but a human right according to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. All children no matter their background are supposed to access education. This is however not the case since not all parents can afford the expensive education system. This is where the rescue portal fund will come in.

Teachers are very close to students and can use their position to mentor and steer the students in the correct direction. However, with all the mentor and positive guidance these children cannot access education if it’s not paid for. Teachers are equally motivated to work harder when they their students succeed and make it in life. The program will therefore, not only be helpful to the students but also to the teachers as well. As a teacher to be I see so many problems that would require my knowledge and specialization.

As mentioned earlier, technology can help people from different parts of the world access education and knowledge. With my teaching skills, I intent to impact knowledge. I plan to use my teaching skills combined with my technological skills to create software where students will give their suggestions and communicate with each other. Through such a platform the students will share knowledge and learn from each other. These suggestions will be taken into consideration by the teachers.

The main professionals we were closed to were teachers and we therefore grew up looking up to them. I am glad I had the best teachers and that’s why I choose to be a teacher so as to give the same to my students. Being a teacher does not necessarily require one to have a degree, I wanted to advance my knowledge to keep up with the new technological trends. I also want to make myself marketable for future career advancement. I think education is the biggest achievement for any person, as a teacher I champion for better education. I therefore wanted to advance my own.

I want to utmost develop skills that enhance learning for my students. Learning to develop web pages is one skill I have put my time into. This web pages will be an extension of my classroom and students can access all the information they have learnt and do further studies on the website. I intent to teach students how to create electronic portfolios. Electronic Portfolios are very helpful to fresh graduates or any students seeking employment. An Electronic portfolio carries details such as skills, experiences, activities and projects the student has participated in, or the volunteer programs the students has participated. If students are accustomed to making electronic portfolios then they are likely to work hard to make their portfolios look presentable.

Through my contribution in ensuring that children access education, I hope to personally advance my career and move upscale. I intent to work for the United Nations in the future and am sure giving back to the society will help me achieve that target.


Technology is the future of education. It is important for both instructors and teachers to use their skills to impact positively in the society. My educational and technological skills will be helpful in helping me achieve my professional goal of access to education by all and at the same time assist in the advancement of my career.

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