Susan’s personal statement

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Susan’s personal statement

I am Susan, born in California. My parents had studied and worked there for a decade. My dad is an architect and my mom is a musician. When I was three years old, my parents took me back to Taiwan because my dad had decided to start a business there. Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was six years old. Thanks to my mom’s careful taking care, I still grew up in a warm and well-off environment. Liberal education and proper guidance cultivate my outgoing, optimistic, and independent personality. What’s more, they also teach me how to treat people sincerely and how important it is to take responsibility for every task.

I majored in Accounting at Soochow University in Taiwan. On one hand, I took part in a lot of social activities. I still can’t forget that the first day as a freshman in college, everything was quite new and interesting to me. For instance, as a member of the cheerleader club, I practiced every day after class with my club peers. Through our teamwork and cooperation do we learn how to trust each other? With our persistence and efforts of daily practice, finally, practice makes perfect, we got the champion in our school! Moreover, in the student union, I learned how to organize a freshman orientation camp. To be more specific, we designed and built where to stay, what activities to run every day, and even how to raise money. These are all my unforgettable memories and teach me that without the power of cooperation, one can’t achieve success. Besides club activities, I also had many kinds of part-time jobs after class, such as math tutor in the cram school, a waitress in a Japanese restaurant, and a Korean cosmetic seller. Through the part-time job experience, I learn how to manage my time efficiently and how to interact with customers, which help me a lot in the later career life. On the other hand, I strengthened my specialized skills. In addition to the daily class, I volunteered to help the citizens to estimate their tax payments in the National Taxation Bureau of Taipei. This was the first time I used what I learn from school to pay back to society, so I treasured this amazing working experience and benefit a lot from it.

After graduation, I was hired by Deloitte Taiwan as an auditor for two years. I was responsible for auditing Microsoft and YFY Incorporated, which has nearly one hundred subsidiaries. From auditing the big group, I learn the connection between academics and practice. For example, we learned how to calculate the long-term investment in the Advanced Accounting course in school. Fortunately, I can put what I learned into practice when I audited the YFY Inc. In every June and December each year, I also went to China to audit its subsidiaries. This valuable experience inspired me and motivate my efforts, ambition, and commitment to exploring the outside world. Moreover, as a semi-senior in the second year, I lead my crew to complete the financial report. Two years of working experience makes me feel I grow up so quickly and have a sense of satisfaction with the daily tasks. If I have a chance to join this master’s program, I think I can share most of my working experience in the case study class. I also comprehend how important the specific skill is. That’s why I decide to choose the Master of Accounting program because I yearn to get the CPA license and explore more deeply in the academic field.