The Lonely Good Company of Books

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Summary and Response of “The Lonely Good Company of Books” by Rodriguez

The Lonely Good Company of Books

The loney good company of books summary 

In The Lonely Good Company of Books by Richard Rodriguez shares his learning experience. He talks about factors that influenced his reading passion from the time he was a small boy and his major purpose for reading which was for honor. With time questioning the significance of his actions since he implies that he did not understand the relevance or the value of reading his only consolation was that it bettered his education. Later he realized his mistake that teachers had failed to pin point.

Rodriguez attended school hardly able to read but developed passion for books. At first, he read aloud with the intention of overcoming the loneliness he felt while reading as implied by Rodriguez (173) but changed in the course of being tutored by a nun. His desire to read was greatly influenced by emphasis placed on the importance of reading as a learning method by the teachers and the classroom environment. He learnt from the stickers in his classroom that he was supposed to read to learn getting the impress.............

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