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Studying Alone Versus Studying Together

Oct 24, 2018 | 0 comments

Oct 24, 2018 | Essays | 0 comments

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Studying Alone Versus Studying Together
Many people around the world score very high grades from their hard work from either studying alone or studying together with their peers. They understand that it is their responsibility to spend some time on their studies to achieve high grades. Studying is the most important part of education around the world because of its learning skills. There exists some similarities and differences between studying together with your peers and studying alone. The paper will compare and contrast studying alone and studying together.
The first similarity between studying alone and studying together with peers is that it is possible to study online. Of course, many students have access to computers and the Internet, and it is easy for them to study online by themselves. However, it is also possible to study online together with your peers. Studying with peers online can be beneficial because the students can help each other understand the information they found online, discuss points and help each other in explaining some points that are not understandable by any of the peers. For example, if one of them in the group does not understand, they can share information by educating each themselves. On the other hand, some students prefer studying alone when online, may be because they prefer more calm and quite environment.
In addition, the ability of the student to study faster is similar when the student study alone or study together with his peers. A student studying alone has the ability of focusing on his study, concentrating on minor details and grasp a lot of information. On the other hand, students studying together also have the capability of analyzing information, discuss points and help each other whenever any of them does not understand specific areas of their study. This way, both the students studying together and studying alone are able to study faster
However, despite the fact that there are similarities between studying together and studying alone, there are also some differences. The first difference is that a student who studies alone has minimal interruptions. The student already knows his study skills and has maximum concentration. She covers a lot of things because he or she is calm, is fast and is not being interrupted. They can also multitask by reading and making notes for future reference by themselves. In contrast, the students studying in a group has several interruptions from their peers when they talk, ask questions and seek clarifications. As much as studying in a group enables them to share information and help each other, it is not calm as compared to studying alone.
Another difference is that studying alone can make a student not have alternative ideas. They stick and believe in what they have studied alone even if the information might be wrong. Furthermore, if the student does not know some information, the student lacks a partner whom he or she can ask for clarification. In contrast, studying together is helpful when a student in a group does not understand a concept. He or she can ask one of the group members who might be understanding for an explanation. Furthermore, students studying in a group can correct each other in situations where there is wrong or misleading information. The group members can discuss and analyze information together and come to a conclusive and correct answers.
In conclusion, the essay compared and contrasted between studying alone and studying together. The differences and similarities between them are significant and complicated. The similarities included the possibility of studying online and the ability to learn faster. On the other hand, the differences included minimal interruptions when the student studies alone compared to when the study in a group. Moreover, students studying together share ideas and help each other compared to a student studying alone who has no alternative ideas or assistance

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