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Student courses

Mar 5, 2017 | 0 comments

Mar 5, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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Student courses

There are many reasons that can make the college course more enjoyable than the other. However, it all depends on various factors that exist in the education system. One of the factors that can create a difference from one college course to the other is the professor. The professors make differences in different courses and classes. A charismatic, jovial, fun to listen to and friendly professor will make a courses enjoyable. However, hard the contents may be .they will tend to engage the students into talks, and exciting stories to remember. Most of the students will tend to like the lessons. However, a professor who is ever gloomy, ever serious and never cracks a joke in class will tend to make a course boring

Time of the year is another reason which can determine how students enjoy a course than the other. For instance, a student in one course can enjoy a course during the summer while another student find the time so boring to the course he or she is pursuing. For example, a kinesiology student will enjoy his physical exercise classes during the summer when the weather is favorable. However, a mathematical student might find his or her course not enjoyable with much heat.

The classmates or the courses mates also play a significant role in making a course enjoyable. Friendly course mates who are able to assist whenever a student does not understand a concept, always available to assist their fellows in revisions make a course enjoyable. This in contrary to classmates who are selfish academically are not friendly and tend to dislike their fellow course mates.

Lastly is the attitude towards a course. A positive attitude on the part of the student toward a course makes it more enjoyable and fun. This is because the student participates wholeheartedly. This is unlike negative attitude where the student dislikes a course he or she is pursuing. Negative attitude kills interest that need to be incorporated in the lesson.

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