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The Impact of Street Vending Legalization on Los Angeles Community

Jul 10, 2023 | 0 comments

Jul 10, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Regarding the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign, a major milestone was reached were, the City Council was supposed to conduct an election on Wednesday, which will result in the final adoption of either a regulatory system or a permit system or either a hybrid of the two solutions. These solutions were supposed to result in sidewalk vending legalization within LA City. I interviewed with a street vendor involved in advocating for the legalization of street vending in Los Angeles. The following are the questions asked and answers provided.


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Question 1: What is your name and why do you believe street vending should be legalized?

Answer: I am Josefina George and I live in Boyle Heights. Street vending enables people with low capital to pay their bills; therefore, it should be legalized to provide a way for the disadvantaged group to earn a living.

Question 2: Why do you have a belief that street vending will work or worked?

Answer: I believe free markets work because the vendors stock different goods that give the customers a diverse taste, with low entry prices.

Question 3: Are the street vendors subject to change according to the preference of the customers?

Answer: Yes, because different customers have different needs.

Question 4: Do street vendors face losses while changing their stock to match the preferences of their customers?

Answer: Not really, because their stocked goods have low menu costs and a change in the goods does not adversely affect them.

Question 4: Do street vendors fully make a living from their businesses?

Answer: Yes. In a fact, they earn enough capital to pay their bills and support their children’s education.

Senate Bill 946 would require cities to allow vendors to legally sell their goods, and prohibit non-governmental institutions from preventing vendors from operating without their permission. In doing so, people will have the opportunity to create multiple types of business, which, in turn, will build a diversity of possibilities in one area. As a result, Los Angeles will attain revitalization of the community’s street life. Notably, street vendors pay taxes and levies, which contribute to the nation’s economy. Furthermore, people will be provided with affordable products and services for every member of the community, even the poor. Needs of people will be met, especially those who require readily available meals

Senate bill 946 will benefit vulnerable Los Angeles citizens by protecting their dignity and rights. Workers will have greater opportunities to the economy since, in approximation, 80 percent of the street workers are white women who make part of the rich contribution, a diverse landscape of street food in an informal economy. Therefore, given the opportunity to carry their activities safely and legally, the vendors will lead to the LA and their neighborhood vitality.

Much honor should be given to the funders and donors of the campaign for making everything possible, such as the LA2050 Activation Challenge support. Notably, the LA2050 grant allowed the participants to trigger Angelinos in engaging and building a comprehensive economy giving many street vendors support, with their entrepreneurship contributing to the growth of other neighbors’ cultural landscape and economies. Lastly, authorities should acknowledge the contribution of street vending to the nation’s economy and implement policies that ensure economic freedom, remove arbitrary barriers form citizens willing to contribute to the economy, by legalizing street vendor business.

Thank You Note to the interviewee

Dear Josefina George,

Thank you for taking the time to participate in my interview, I appreciate your contribution so much. Your participation has assisted in analysis and I commit to using information gained to spread awareness, hoping that it will help in implementing worthwhile improvements.

Once again, I appreciate your generous participation, honest information, contributing your valuable time, and thoughtful suggestions.

Many Thanks


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