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Maximizing Your Power to Shape Healthcare Policy

Jan 24, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jan 24, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

My Strategies to Influence Votes

As nurses get ready to take their problems into arena and to use their legislative power and political clout, it is essential to decide which strategies will be appropriate and most effective. This section momentarily addresses the five following strategies: coming into legislative arena, knowing activities in the procedure, knowing the power players, knowing committees, and getting law makers.

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1) Coming into the legislative arena

The legislative arena is where most supporters focus their tasks to make their viewpoint on a particular issue known. It is where people go to meet up with their legislators and meet with those who are team for the law makers and the various committees, and where they testify at briefings and hearings. Entering the legislative place is the first step in providing about policy change (Abood, 2007p.21). The nurses should understand the legislative arena of the state and the federal levels to make their issues get known.

2) Understanding the legislative process steps

It is the procedure that enacts recommendations, makes and sources health programs, and stages out other policy domains with health policy. Once a problem takes its place on the public agenda, a bill must be provided, allocated to a panel, strategies organized, and panel activity taken on the bill before the management is taken to the floor for any choose. Each scenario has a similar legal procedure to authoritatively make policy options (Abood, 2007p.21). Using the strategy, the nurses by understanding the legislative process steps can formulate bills that can be presented to their legislatures at the state and the federal levels for their agenda to be forwarded.

3) Knowing the Key Players

According to Abood (2007p.21), in the legislative arena there are always key players who have the ability to affect the result of proposed legislation. Developing final outcome and content of the recommended policy change depends on identifying the supporters as well as the non-supporters among law makers, calling the seat and the associates of relevant committees, and most of all calling someone’s own legislator. As components, nurses have significant power to influence legislation especially when proper healthcare has a organization, cohesive choice on a problem.

4) Understanding Committees

Committees are the facilities of policy making and public education at both federal and state levels. Proposed legislation is given the most extreme concern at the panel level. This is when conflicting points of view are analyzed and legislation is hammered out. Nurses are going to affect the procedure at this point by asking an opportunity to testify

5) Communicating with Legislators

Each year, law makers at both the state and federal levels must go through thousands of expenses that cover a broad range of problems. It is difficult for them to be experienced on all problems and to know each bill. Writing a well designed correspondence, providing e-mails, making a written summary of the problem with team, and pleasant the legislator to visit the office are all methods to get someone’s law makers to consider one as an professional on healthcare proper care and to get in touch with when they need details appropriate to nursing and healthcare (Abood, 2007p.24).

Increasing My Power to Influence Votes

The ability to efficiently apply effect in the various places where future health care policy decisions are made and to take advantage of possibilities to present nursing’s viewpoint on the healthcare problems is based upon on having a power platform and knowing where and when to apply that effect. Power is the potential to exert influence. Power is an inevitable factor of human relationships, and those people such as nurses who reject this fact will be at a serious disadvantage when trying to make change (Aiken et al, 2010p.915).

Complex policies of healthcare require the knowledge and tasks of structured groups, the help of professional lobbyists, and constant activity of months or even years. Becoming a member of an experienced health care is a basic human right. She has previously led the fight for access to quality, affordable healthcare proper care organization is an important way to improve individual loyalty tasks. Aiken et al (2010p.910) pointed out that nurses in a structured professional organization have more resources, and are able to create a policy more efficiently to bring nursing’s viewpoint to health policy decision makers than do individual healthcare team. Professional companies are able to notice public policy and offer ways for their associates to learn about health policy. They also provide as a source for directly solutions related to policy problems and policy makers.

Another way that professional companies perform for the benefit of doctor supporters is by providing details and tools to ensure that applicants who are supportive and valuable of healthcare proper care are chosen to, or stay in, office. Vote registration and voting in all elections is a must for every nurse advocates (Abood, 2007). Here again, being part of an experienced organization with an established government activity panel (PAC) can be very valuable in discovering where chosen regulators stand on problems and finding possibilities to perform for the applicants who are supportive of nursing and health care problems.


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