Strategic Decision Making

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Strategic Decision Making

Leadership versus Management Strategic Decision Making

Leadership is defined as an individual’s ability to influence other people so that they can obtain specific objectives enthusiastically and willingly. It can be seen that leadership is quite different from management because it is considered one of the most important management elements. Leadership needs a very good and clear vision of thinking all over boundaries. In the environment of business, leadership goes beyond the people in the business as a particular organization has the capability of attaining leadership in the various markets by beating the competitors they have. In this case, leadership can be seen in terms of brand, costs, products, and many more. On the other hand, management can be defined as a person’s ability to run things in the very best manner possible. It is further elaborated as the art of expertise of being able to get the given work done with colleagues. In nature, management and leadership are inseparable. Managerial qualities need leadership skills so that the subordinates can be inspired. In most cases, management is majorly about the maintenance and arra.............

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Strategic Decision Making
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