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The steganography analyzer field scanner also referred to as stegalyzers is a forensic device with an application used for digital examination intended precisely for executing rapid field triage to enable then detection of digital steganography on computers with the aim of screening information related to criminal activity. The product can be installed in a 32 bit and 64 bit architecture and can also be used in open source Operating system like linux. The scanner is produced by Backbone security which is located in the US the company rolled out the product in 2012 (Steganography Analyzer Field Scanner, 2016).
According to Steganography Analyzer Field Scanner (2016), The product contains a highly specialized steganography recognition software which is stored on a USB drive which is bootable. The product maintains the forensic integrity of the suspected device as it only scans for digital malice and does not alter digital files.
StegAlyzerFS is capable of detecting any file artifacts linked with over 1050 applications which are steganography. According to Enesi & Zanaj (2016), the detection of artifacts is a warning that the linked application may have been used in a suspicious way mostly used to hide something valuable to the investigation. In addition, Stegalyzers is capable of detecting more than 55 known steganography applications’ signatures (Enesi & Zanaj, 2016).
The tool can be used to perform various analysis, for instance it can be used to do random searches at checkpoints mostly the border by assessing the computers that can in and out of the country for the individual who look suspicious (Tiwari & Sahoo, 2011). It also be used on the cases of child abduction to enhance the information required to shed more light on the whereabouts of the missing child (Enesi & Zanaj, 2016). According to Tiwari &Sahoo(2011), It is also essential in proving the child pornography cases as it perfectly finds image that may be hidden with steganography and this will help in identifying and rescuing the child victim. StegAlyzerFS has also been used to fight terrorism at it is used to detect coveted communication between the terrorists individuals and groups.
Testing can be done by either the company or the outsider depending on the licence agreement. However it is noted that the company gives a technical support for the first one year.

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