Special children

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Special children

  • Many special children exist in schools with different special needs. The school life quality depends on the satisfaction of the children’s needs collectively. To protect the reputation of the children and even their families, the agencies concerned work under utmost confidentiality for the maintenance of the records.
  • There exist many agencies in the community that provide different services to the children. The agencies include the chemical abuse agencies, mental health agencies, local churches, and civic clubs.
  • The staff and the principal of the school play an important role in networking. For instance, in situations where a child abuse drugs or is suffering from depression, the external agencies cannot support unless the child does harm or take some overact themselves. At these points, the school through the principal makes contacts with the professionals from the external agencies for advice

The law enforcement agencies

  • For them to get involved in school matters, it will require the officers to conduct an interview to the children when they are at school. For the cases in the juvenile courts, the school head teacher may be called to make a testimony
  • The status offenses make up the largest percentage of the cases that mostly involve the school, administrators.
  • Another case dealt with the juvenile courts are the children abuse and neglect where the children are the victims

Human service agencies

  • Most states require schools to make arepot of suspected cases of child abuse to the appropriate authority for the investigations to be conducted
  • The investigators of the child abuse consider the school environment as appropriate for initial conduction of the interviews
  • Most of the teachers lack the training of diagnosing some of the problems or lack knowledge of on how to deal with them properly even after identifying them
  • Most faculties of the schools require activities for staff development in many areas of working with special needs children
  • Teachers also need to be given training about their role in national and state special education policies, evaluation, policies, IEP development, working with parents, due process and working with other special educators on things as student scheduling, grading and record keeping.

The parent

  • The belligerent parent will attempt to obtain more than the school or the IE team believes is necessary to give appropriate options for placement of program.
  • Supportive parent understand his child problems and is concerned about the education of the child and appreciates their efforts
  • The denying parent un accepts of the possibility of his/her child having a disability
  • The non responsive parent is difficult. Will ignore notices sent, phone calls and letters

The classroom teacher and the principal

Concepts in special education

  • All IEP should include academic achievement levels and a statement of annual goals that are measurable for the functional performance.
  • Similarly, the children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may get the education al services and protection in the regulations. These children with their disabling condition nature in most cases appear for disciplinary cases.
  • Therefore, great care must be adopted in establishing the procedures disciplines for the children because of their defiance nature to the normal expectation of the school