Song Diamonds by Ballyhoo

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Song Diamonds by Ballyhoo

Ballyhoo is one of the best American musical band currently comprised of four talented members. The band’s songs are not limited to specific genre since their songs range from reggae, pop, punk and rock at times blurring the lines to come up with their own brand. Ballyhoo is majorly known for being one of American’s outstanding feel-good party band. The band’s utilization of party anthems and touring strategy as seen its rise since its formation in 1995 to its incorporation in Pepper’s Law records’ family in 2011 that recorded its album Daydream containing the truck Diamonds. This paper discusses events from 2011, the year the song Diamonds was recorded, details about the band Ballyhoo and their rise to fame and the implication of the song Diamonds.

Since the song’s, Diamonds, release in September, 2011 the band has been out touring the nation; they seem to be dedicated to the road and their fans. In 2012 the band performed at numerous shows as the album led to the realization of greater opportunities as they got the chance to tour the nation with some of the best reggae musicians thus the spread of their fame and popularity. For instance, they teamed themselves with 311 in the Pow Wow Festival in 2011 in touring the nation. They were also part of the 311 Caribbean Cruise -Tour conducted in 2012 and 2013 as well as the California roots tour in 2013. Ballyhoo also played the house of Marley Stage on the Warped Tour in 2013 from which they got the motivation to release their fifth album under their own record label as indicated by Bonnette (57).

Hit of the week (4) says that Ballyhoo band members began their music career while still in High School in 1995 in Maryland. Nick Lucera, Howl Spangler, Donald Spangler and Scott Vandrey being the current members have the band have been able to explore their talents and ability in the music. The band has so far realized five albums, Cheers and Daydream inclusive. Ballyhoo gradually rose to fame heightened by the release of the album, Do it for the Money that was released in 2006. Their party anthem strategy has also contributed to their success as they have been praised for their outstanding live performance at party concerts generally being branded one of the best American feel-good party band. However, their major breakthrough in the music industry occurred in January 2011 when they earned a place at the Law records to join other terrific reggae bands like the Irational that later in the year recorded their album Daydream featuring the track Diamonds. Ever since the band has continued to bring their energy and passion into the music and have also managed to set up a record label (right coast records) of their own that recorded their last album in 2013 entitled Pineapple Grenade.

Most of the songs by Ballyhoo are party oriented but others contain valuable messages that should not be overlooked like the song, Diamonds. The song Diamonds talks about true love concerning a lady who stands by her partner in pain and sorry. The song implies that there is no one perfect; people have weaknesses and strengths we just have to learn to learn to compromise in order to be able to accommodate others just the way they are especially when considering a love partner. It points out the significance of seeing the best in others and give them the opportunity to be humans instead of judging them harshly by overlooking their strengths in such of inexistence perfection. In the song, the lady’s impressive traits makes her special, a diamond in disguise that a man should cherish, appreciate and hold onto as inferred by Korcynski (24).

In summary, Ballyhoo is a rock, punk, reggae and pop band based in the United States well known for their excellent performance at parties. The band currently comprising of four members with varied talents formed in 1995 has since earned recognition, respect and popularity in the music industry. The album, Do it for the Money, Ballyhoo released in 2006 was a major turn on in their career as it contributed to their recognition as they toured across the nation and holding shows that eventually led to their breakthrough in the industry when they earned a place with Law records by Pepper to join some of the best reggae bands like the Irration in 2011 that recorded their album, Daydream. The truck Diamonds is one of the songs in the Daydream album and is about a love partner (lady) who stays by her man’s side in pain and sorrow and condemns the perception of perfection. Since the recording of the song in 2011, the band has held several events including shows and tours and major achievements like establishing their own record label together with release of another album.

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