The Sick Rose by William Blake Reading Responses.

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The Sick Rose by William Blake Reading Responses.

The Sick Rose is an ancient poem by William Blake. It is a relatively short poem with simple language. My interpretation is that the poem talks about love and death. Roses are significantly used to portray love, but in the poem the Rose is being destroyed by the worm in the night. Blake is talking about the spread of a bad thing, a worm that destroys a good thing. The worm is also said to spread only at night. The night here is a symbol of a secret. It could a symbol of infidelity that destroys a relationship. The poem is metaphorical beginning with its title, ‘the sick rose’. The Rose here is a metaphor for love, love that is ill or sick. The term worm as used in the poem makes reference to a disease called infidelity that unknowingly transmitted in the night. The lines have found out thy bed, of crimson joy, and his dark secret love is referring to a married man fornicating with a prostitute and then going back to his wife. ‘And his dark secret love that thy life destroy,’ means that because syph.............

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The Sick Rose by William Blake Reading Responses.
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