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Aug 24, 2017 | 0 comments

Aug 24, 2017 | Miscellaneous | 0 comments

Upon reflection on my vocation, it is the hand of the almighty God that made, shaped and entrusted me to my loving family, friends and people I have met. I was born in Vinhlong city, Vietnam and brought up in the catholic faith my family is entrenched. It is still a mystery how I ended up in sisterhood. However much I desired to be sister, I lacked courage to admit. However, I believe the God’s spirit which touched my heart, the inspiration from the young Vietnamese sisters, holy witness f mother Teresa and our Holy Father John Paul II, who entrusted us the young people with hope and responsibility to build the future, ignited the flame in me to serve the mankind.

I was an accountant for one year after college graduation and lived in California where I discovered my true life passions and love. However, while still lost in the world with meetings, socializing, problem solving that drew me away from God, He continually and patiently whispered to me.

I boasted in the Lord for my short time success and achievements of the “American dream.” He blessed me but felt emptiness and feeling of lost in a great abyss with no one to fill the void. Daily mass temporarily sustained me, but I felt the desire to do something with my life.

God broke my deafness and shouted just like Saint Augustine, “He flashed, shone and dispelled my blindness.” This marked my beginning for spiritual thirst and often shed tears on hearing gospels related to calling. I started reading spiritual and vocational books, praying and mediating early mornings. Upon realization of my true calling, God sent Holy Cross Sister whom I felt attracted to and felt very content with my desire.

Sometimes I feel discouraged at my sinfulness, unworthiness, weakness and fear at being unable to let go my loved ones and worldly attractions. However, our lady of help assigned her son, Jesus, as my spiritual mentor who has continually reassured me that I am His and He chose me.

One Wednesday on 1st August, I made a decision and joined the Holy Cross Convent accompanied by my loving and supportive family. Joyfully singing Magnificat every evening, it allowed sisters to follow charism and spirituality of its founder by directing the heart, mind and life crucified by Jesus Christ. It also enables living as a disciple with a mission to evangelize and participate in local church building.

The community life naturally has joys and challenges but by Gods assurance, I keep moving. I am overwhelmed with joy and immense gratitude to God. Finally my life’s emptiness is filled with tender love and the Living Word. Daily liturgical celebrations chanting of psalms and scriptural Sunday daily quench my thirst. I am totally contented with my desires and ambitions to comfort Jesus, embrace church’s needs and any afflicted person of the world. My friend asks what the source of all my happiness is, but I answer by famous words of the psalmist:

“What can bring us happiness? Many say. Let the light of your face shine on us, oh Lord.”


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