Segmenting Paddy Farmer Behavior, Attitude toward Green Technology New Fertilizer: Malaysia Fertilizer Industry

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Segmenting Paddy Farmer Behavior, Attitude toward Green Technology New Fertilizer: Malaysia Fertilizer Industry



Evidence have shown that one of the causes of poverty in countries that are developing is due to poor technology that hinder maximum yield on their farms (Khan & International Monetary Fund, 2001). Failure to adopt green technology or unavailability of the green technology is a significant factor that restrict economic development for these countries. This is particularly true of the developing countries’ agricultural sector where the word “poverty” remain associated with the agricultural community in these developing countries. In Malaysian economy, agriculture plays a significant role. Innovation in agriculture is considered a necessary and an important component in the agricultural activities development. This conceptual paper discusses Segmenting paddy farmer behavior, attitude toward green technology new fertilizer in the Malaysian fertilizer industry. The main purpose of this paper is to find out the characteristics of the farming community and how it poses a problem to the green technology. Furthermore, the paper will address the community as a collectivist society where approval of others are important and deviation from the norms are challenged.

Paddy rice in Malaysia is the staple food for the nation and is also a crucial agricultural crop apart from rubber and oil palm that is grown in both East Malaysia and Peninsula. According to Mehmet (2013), in 2011, Malaysia produced rice amounting to 2.4 million metric tons. However, this only fulfills about 80% of the country’s needs. If the comparison is done between paddy and other agricultural commodities, there is still much to be done to make paddy as the Malaysian main agricultural major sector. This calls for the need of cultivation of paddy with new methods and ideas such as the green technology fertilizer

The increasing population in Malaysia calls for more technology and research advancements to increase paddy production. It is a fact that paddy cultivation in Malaysia generally involve traditional farming on most parts of the rural areas and the farmers are aged and has no high education level. These characteristics of the farmers have also been compounded by the challenge of adopting green technology to improve productivity of paddy. Therefore, poverty among the farming community is inevitably common a problem.

Rogers (2003) defined innovation as a practice or an idea that is very new to a person. Sunding & Zilberman (2001) indicated that agricultural innovation is very important and is necessary for agricultural activities development. Innovation in agriculture can be new types of pesticides, varieties of seeds or fertilizer used in cultivation which result in high yields of crops

Shaffril et al (2010) asserted that the main challenges in the sector of agriculture is the new technologies inefficiencies to farmers. Colin (2012) pointed out that Malaysia produces only 72% of the rice while this yield is lower compared to those produced elsewhere under comparable conditions. The objective of this paper is to provide insights on the issues that are not resolved fully in the diffusion of innovation of the improved technologies of green technology fertilizers to increase the paddy rice yields among Malaysian farmers. The issues that the paper will be addressing that Malaysian paddy farmers’ fac.............

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