Safety and Control Measures on Chemicals Usage and Associated Risks

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Chemical is a composition of pure substances combined in a definite proportion (Bretherick & Pitt, 2007). Some Substances involved in making of chemicals are soluble to others when given a certain solvent such as water in ethanol whereby they produce a chemical reaction. In the event of reaction substances are transformed from one state to another state. Consumption of chemicals is usually heavy in industries where different manufacturing of products is done. These products include fertilizers, plastics, fiber glass, pesticides and many home-based products. However, it is important to exercise care in use of chemicals. Some chemicals are naturally so hazardous that they have to be kept differently unique containers to evade contact with air. Others may seem safe but can result to injury upon contact. Chemicals may pose to bring about the following hazards: fire, explosions, poisoning, reaction, corrosion and other radioactivity side effects. Other assessments in use of chemicals include the dangers that can also be brought to others and the environmental effects. Hazards from chemicals depend on a number of factors such as the composition and physical properties, frequency of use and the amount used in the application of the intended purposes (Johnson, Rudy & Unwin, 2003). The essay believes that reactive hazards are serious concerns that should be better controlled by the chemical industry and better regulated by the regulating bodies.

Chemicals are grouped according to their physical status at normal temperature that is, solid, liquid or gas. Another classification depends on chemistry such as organic or inorganic. Inorganic composition is mostly solid in nature while organic composition is mostly liquid in state.  Once the chemical compositions are known, it is important to identify the hazards it poses and take preventive and controlled measures in preventing the possibilities of any possible hazards. Bretherick & Pitt (2007) defined hazard as a situation or an entity that is capable of causing harm to users, environments and damage of properties.

Identification and Management of Hazards

Johnson, Rudy & Unwin (2003) indicated that the risk management is the responsibility of companies involved in identifying all the chemicals that are used, handled, stored or generated at workplace while consulting employees. The characteristics of chemicals in use are usually determined by looking at the label and other manuals, and reading what ingredients are in each chemical or product. Classification of chemicals in a manufacturing plant is essential in establishing the hazards of a chemical against specified criteria. Classification is, therefore, an element that determines what information is included on the labels, label elements, hazardous information and pictograms (Bretherick & Pitt, 2007). Then the Authorities puts in place standards that requires traders and manufacturers to give clear directions through labels and that these instructions are reviewed whenever required in ensuring that the consumers are protected.

Traders, manufacturer and suppliers, may also provide further details of the chemical in use, in simpler explanations to the consumer whereby, this information is sourced from Hazardous Substances Information System (HSIS) databases. Hazardous chemicals that are used as elements of the production process, such as a piping system, should be known to ensure that necessary controls are available in the event of an accidental burst, leakage, repairs and or cleaning is required. Consumers are required always read .............

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Safety and Control Measures on Chemicals Usage and Associated Risks
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