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Room Description

Oct 10, 2017 | 0 comments

Oct 10, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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Room Description

The room was built and designed country style. It had four symmetrical cream walls measuring 9ft by 9ft, very spacious, the roofing was made of colored glass at the center with shades of blue such that natural light could pass in, the top the door was made of hard wooden art with silver coated handles. The whole room area was carpeted in fluffy cream white with the main back wall, papered with a picture of a mountain with falling snow. There was  two double built in mahogany wardrobes to left side of the room one meter away from each other, measuring 2 ft. by 3 ft. each  with silver coated handles , in the middle of the wardrobes was a  one meter  desk with a study lamp and laptop on top, pushed in was a yellow plastic chair.

The room was well organized and had a simple interior design. There were two chests of drawers and beside it a large changing mirror, en-suite was a bathroom, toilet and sink that was tiled in cream and ocean blue. The  room had  two large windows opposite the bed  joined together that look toward the park ,decorated with shutters, had blinds that were cream and striped blue and yellow reaching just one inch above the floor.

The sleeping area was beautifully placed and decorated. It was a leather sleigh bed to the right of the door, its width against the wall, there was also a chest at the bed bottom for extra linen and there was a shaggy blue rag to either side of the bed. To the right wall from the door were two shelves that housed the books and magazines, at the side of it were two stair cased shelves on top that had vases with matching flowers. The wall spaces at either side of the window were beautifully framed pictures of family and friends. The beddings and pillows ranges from blue and cream to floral yellow. Beside and equal to the bed height were two small night table to the either side with lamps and the right one had an alarm clock on top.



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