Rights of the Convicted

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Rights of the Convicted


The laws that are establishing classification policies and procedures in the rights of the convicted may include the application of PREA standards. The PREA standards are used to keep the inmates safe at all costs despite gender and assist in the reduction of sexual abuse in these facilities. The first policy in the PREA standard is screening for abusiveness and victimization risks. Under this, all inmates in adult facilities must be assessed for risk of being sexually abused or abused sexually. These screenings occur mostly in the transfer process of an inmate to another facility, in the process of a new intake, and in cases where there is an incident of sexual abuse. The second policy is protective custody. In this policy, it is stated that individuals with a higher risk of experiencing sexual abuse should never be put in houses that are considered involuntarily segregated unless all other available alternatives have been thoroughly assessed and a conclusion is made that there is not any means possible to separate these individuals from abusers (Alison et al., 2015).

The importance of classification and the effects it has on the transgendered inmates may include the following; offering an environment that motivates the transgendered inmates to be very comfortable when talking about their sexual and orientation, gender expression, and identity (Douglas et al., 2015). This enables the inmates to feel at home because there is that comfort they feel without being discriminated against. Classification also helps in ensuring that the health and safety of the inmate are prioritized when they come in. Kentucky can do the following to make improvements on their policies and procedure; the assessment that is used in the determination of transgender and intersex housings that is done through assessment of individualized inmates with results from mental and medical health and supervisors from security department should be done in a span of 72 hours always regardless whether it is weekend or holiday.


In conclusion, the Prison Rape Elimination Act should ensure that these policies and procedures they have are followed and respected to the latter so that transgendered inmates can be comfortable in their skins at all times. They should ensure the discrimination rate of these individuals is at their least and their privacy is always respected as much as possible. Screening of the inmates should be done thoroughly to avoid cases of sexual assault and to ensure that every individual is as safe as possible.


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